5 Reasons To Start Using Machine Translation

5 Reasons To Start Using Machine Translation

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More and more businesses are choosing translation services in order to localize their assets and increase their global customer base. In fact, the demand for translation services across the globe is constantly rising. However, traditional human translation doesn’t always meet the demands of a dynamic business of today. In spite of its undeniable qualities of accuracy and quality; many businesses are searching for a viable alternative.

Despite its drawbacks, machine translation is already widely used for localization projects. Logically, it can’t be compared to the work done by a professional translator, since the machine simply doesn’t understand the complex aspects of a language. On the hand, it is literally improving in front of our eyes every day.

While I’m writing this text, the use of machine translation for a professional level translations is on the increase. On its own, machine translation may not be suitable for producing publishing-ready content. However, with a skilled translator and reviewer, the machine-translated content can be corrected and adjusted for professional use. This makes machine translation an option that can be considered a game changer for big, global companies.

Below you will find five reasons to start using machine translation.

#1. It has unbeatable speed

If you are in a situation where speed is your main priority simply go for machine translation – the translated content is ready in an instant. If you opt for machine translation with human editing approach, you need to know that the process of reviewing the translations will still take some time. However, this will be significantly lower compared to human translation performed from scratch.

#2. It is low cost

Depending on the language combination, charges for a machine translation + human review is are around 40% lower rate than the regular rate for human translation. Languages such as Finnish, Hungarian and Scandinavian languages are charged at around 25% lower rate. You do the maths!

#3. It can be a repetition killer

Websites and e-commerce usually contain a lot of repetitive content. When you make one change to a repetition, the engine will apply this across the whole website. This is a big time and money saver – remember that websites and e-commerce can contain a lot more content than expected!

#4. It deals with high volumes of content

A professional translator translates around 1500-2500 words per day. Now imagine your project has 100.000+ words. What do you do when you want to get high volumes of content translated quickly? Go for machine translation. What do you do when you want to have your translation done fast, but maintaining a certain standard of quality? Go for machine translation and human review approach!

#5. It’s functional

When setting up a project in Text United, whether it’s outsourced or done internally by your team, you or your project manager are able to choose what kind of project should be set up. There are two levels of quality: human translation and machine translation + human review.


Choosing the option ‘Machine translation + human review will pre-translate your content, while the translator will receive a notification to apply changes in the project. Instead of translating from scratch, the translator will correct the existing translation. After that, your content is ready, the whole process was cheap and fast and the quality is there. We call it translation magic!


Machine translation by itself will never be as accurate as the one performed by a human translator. It’s probably not suitable as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to dealing with global content. However, if you want to reach out to your global audience, you can choose the tactical approach of machine translation and human review to achieve the results that you want.

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