Presenting TUFT: Text United Fast Translation

Presenting TUFT: Text United Fast Translation

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We know we’ve been teasing you with this product for a while now, but we are happy to announce that finally, here it is, developed, launched, and ready to use! Ladies and gentlemen, please, welcome TUFT – Text United Fast Translation!

To sum it up for those who are not in the know: at one point in our translation journey, we decided to separate our documents’ fast translation option from the rest of the TMS, make it more advanced and create a new translation service that will amaze our existing and new clients! 

So… what is TUFT?

TUFT is an acronym for Text United Fast Translation and we are proud to say that it stands for the fastest and the most affordable translation services on the market up to date. We’ve used our existing robust technology and perfected it to create TUFT, translation services that we hope will mark the era of the most convenient, self-service translations, ever!

How does it work?

First, you upload your file, then, choose source and target language(s) and then, select the quality option:

TUFT offers three levels of translation quality:

  • Flash: machine translation
  • Rapid: machine translation + human review and
  • Fast: professional human translation

Pick the one that best fits your needs! After that, you proceed to pay via Stripe and the TUFT account will be automatically created while processing your order. After a given amount of time, depending on the selected translation quality, you will receive your translated file with the invoice directly on your email inbox.

You can also see the details and download the invoice for your order directly from the TUFT account. It’s the most advanced self-service translation!

For whom we created TUFT?

TUFT is created for anyone who needs:

  • a file translated fast but also in the most cost-effective way there is
  • fast document translation in many formats
  • vast documentation translated easily – preferably without any intervention on their side

Why are TUFT‘s prices the most competitive on the market?

Our goal was to use our robust technology to craft an extraordinarily efficient translation solution that won’t be costly. We want to help our users save both time and money – that’s why we don’t apply high margins to our translation prices.

It also allows for faster turnaround time so you can allow yourself to get the most cost-effective, extraordinarily fast translation for your company’s documents and files.

We are very proud of what we’ve created. Are you ready to try it out yourself?

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