Translation Project Management eBook For Superheroes!

Translation Project Management eBook For Superheroes!

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Everybody in tech business knows that being a PM can be tough, but translation project management is yet another level of toughness, we guarantee you that. We’ve published many blogs for and about translation project managers since their role is very specific, their duties extraordinarily demanding and their value, very often, underestimated. We decided to do a little bit more!

 Translation Project Management for Superheroes

From all of our blogs, the ones discussing successful translation project management were the ones who always got the most attention. Moreover, after publishing them, we always got dozens of questions asking in detail about best practices, best tools and first-hand experience from our beloved PMs.

That’s when the idea of publishing an ebook was born – an ebook about all things translation project management should be. No sugar-coating, no false-praising; just honest, yet useful content that can help real-life translation project managers upgrade their workflow and start doing their job like superheroes that they undoubtfully are!

We also decided that all the info should be coming from our own Text United superhero project managers, so it’s authentic and straight-forward. We collected all the advice, sat down, structured it, written it down and here it is, live – our first ebook, titled Translation Project Management for Superheroes.

An ode to translation project management at its finest

What can you find out reading our ebook? We decided that simple and straight-forward answers are the best, that’s why we divided our ebook into three chapters:

  1. Decoding the translation project management cycle: Small changes, big improvements
  2. Main challenges and how to solve them
  3. Superheroes need superpowers… or super tools

We focused on the best, small practices that PMs won’t feel as drastic changes to their workflow and routine, but rather as improvements that will bring the wow effect in the long run. We hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it!



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Do you have questions about translation project management or the contents of our ebook? Either way, you can always contact us and have a chat – no strings attached!


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