How To Create a Translation Project Management Checklist?

How To Create a Translation Project Management Checklist?

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Effective translation project management is what’s really going on behind the scenes of every successful translation project. As you might have guessed, this involves many micro tasks and careful time management as well as a lot of planning and organization.

We have prepared a list of steps and tasks crucial to the project management of your localization project. These steps will help you stay organized and, most importantly, to get the work done as smoothly as possible. Just keep on reading!

#1. Specify who will use your checklist

Is it going to be only you or another person, or your entire team? Decide whether this checklist will be made for one specific project or client, or if it is an overall workflow guide.

#2. Collect resources

Collect resources that include the most essential information about the project:

#3. Prepare an offer

After gathering the necessary details for the project, you can evaluate the timeline and estimated costs. Depending on the content of the project, you may also need to negotiate different delivery dates both with the translator and the client.

#4. Find the right translator

You or your vendor manager will need to find the right translator with the right skills and experience to work on the project. Depending on the quality of the project, you may also need a second translator for proofreading.

#5. Send reference material to the translator

You have to bear in mind that translators are mostly freelancers and they have their own schedules and time organization. Make sure that your translator is available and ready for the project. If possible, send your translators the reference material in advance, so they have an overall picture of the content that they are about to translate.

#6. Start the project!

If your offer gets accepted by the client, it’s time for the kick-off! First of all, you obviously have to create the project in your project management tool so that the translator can start working on it. Your task now is to monitor the progress and stay in touch with the client.

#7. Prepare your business to go global!

Last, but not least – choose the best project management tool for all of the tasks above. A good Translation Management System will save time both for translators and project managers by organizing the whole localization project. Read more about the best Translation Management System here!



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