Translation Integrations at Text United

Translation Integrations at Text United

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An advanced translation management platform can change your localization game by helping you to translate and publish content with no hassle and, as a result, increase your international sales. This means that when you choose the right tools, you can definitely expect an overall upgrade of your localization strategy.

However, if your priority is creating and updating multilingual content with ease, you need to think about whether the solution you are considering is compatible with your present workflow.

That’s why you should choose a translation platform that offers you seamless translation integrations with tools that are already present in your IT ecosystem. At Text United, we understand why translation integrations are extremely important and that’s why we list the ones we offer in this blog post.

#1. GitHub

Text United directly integrates with your GitHub repositories allowing you to exchange files back and forth. When the files are translated, you can manually sync them back to your repo.

Additionally, you can set up continuous translation, where synchronization between your repository and localization projects will happen on a daily basis.

#2. BitBucket

The integration with BitBucket works in a similar way to the integration with GitHub. Users can create localization projects with the files from the BitBucket repositories.

Continuous translation can be set up just as with GitHub, where the files will be synced automatically between your repositories and the localization projects.

#3. Outlook

Our add-on for Outlook is optimized for multilingual companies that require fast translation of emails. It simply sends items straight from your inbox directly to Text United. In this way, emails can be translated quickly, using machine translation or professional human translators.

#4. Sharepoint

By integrating Text United with SharePoint you will be able to send your company documents and files directly to Text United. Translation projects can be created in a matter of seconds, and the best part is that you can monitor the progress of your translation and receive the translated files back without any need to login to Text United.

#5. Dropbox

Creating a project with files from Dropbox is the same as creating a regular file-based translation project. Simply choose the Dropbox icon when creating a new project. Once the files are translated, you will be able to download the translated files directly to your machine or save them to your Dropbox.


For any custom integration with your content management system, we have an API solution. We have features that enable the whole process of managing and monitoring translation, both for outsourced and internal projects. More can be found in our API documentation.


We want our clients to have the flexibility to integrate their systems with ours. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us to find out which approach is the best for your business!

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