How Translation Can Help You Increase International Sales?

How Translation Can Help You Increase International Sales?

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In today’s world, most companies, big or small, have their own website. Some are built from scratch, while some are built using web development platforms and CMS software, such as WordPress. Some are simpler, with only a few pages, while some are more complex, with web apps hiding behind logins. In any case, chances are that your website is in English. This is completely normal, as there are over one billion English-speaking internet users worldwide.

How does this affect your sales?

The problem is that there are still around 6,5 billion users out there who don’t speak English. In simple terms, an English-only website currently targets less than one-seventh of the customers it could be targeting. Why is that so?

Well, the main problem is that a company is either too small to organize a translation project or a company is too big to organize a translation project. Put another way, localization of the website is never a priority.

Companies either have too few people to handle such a task, or they have too many people and need to follow a complicated workflow involving many stakeholders.

How to simplify the translation process and increase your international sales?

What you really need is a flexible solution that can be adapted to your needs. This is exactly what Text United has been building for the past ten years: a translation management platform that is both easy to use and packed with features.

If you are a small company, and you have a simple website that only needs to be localized into 2-3 languages, you can use our website translation feature that combines machine translation with human review.

First, your content is machine translated. Then, you can ask our native reviewers for individual target languages to check the machine-translated content and make changes where necessary. Then, you can publish the translation using a single JavaScript snippet and you are done!

What if you have a complex website, with a web app and links to documents, and you need to localize the website into 10 – or even more languages? You can also make use of machine-translate + human review feature and then have colleagues or partners in the target countries check the translation and make the necessary changes.

Or perhaps you would like to easily outsource the translation files to us, as your colleagues don’t have enough time to cover everything? It’s perfectly fine, as you can combine any approach to reach your goal.

Choose the Translation Platform that fits your workflow best

The key is to choose a system that’s not rigid, but the one that will make the translation project easy to manage. TheText United platform has been shaped and molded by the feedback we’ve received from hundreds of clients over the past decade.

Regardless of the workflow that you want to set up, you need to tick 12 boxes to choose the platform that will enable you to increase your international sales:

  1. Can you translate the content by yourself?
  2. Can you outsource it to freelance translators?
  3. Can you translate by assigning tasks to colleagues or partners in other countries?
  4. Can you translate websites without any coding?
  5. Can you translate files?
  6. Can you integrate it with GitHub or BitBucket?
  7. Can you re-use already existing translations?
  8. Can you set up your own company terminology?
  9. Is help provided with desktop publishing to achieve perfect target files?
  10. Is a live overview of progress provided?
  11. Can you set up automated API integration with your CMS or similar system?
  12. Can you select a partner who can support you with translations into dozens of languages?

Translation can help you increase international sales

The secret is that you don’t need to wait for the perfect moment to localize your content into other languages. Much like many things in life, there is no perfect moment for this.

First of all, you have to define which markets you want to reach. Then reach out to us. We can help you define and set up the workflow, and support you from the beginning to end.

You don’t have enough people to handle and organize the task? We will help you manage it. Do you have too many people who would like to participate in the task? We will train them to set everything up in our system, support them, and enable them to use our tool to achieve your goals.

Prepare for an international sales boost

Once this is done, you will be able to reach people from South America to Europe. New markets will open up, and your Sales and Marketing departments will thank you for it.

All of a sudden, the one-seventh of the world has turned to one-third of the world. Your chances to sell your product have more than doubled, and all you did was localize your content into Chinese and Spanish. Increasing international sales with translation can be as simple as that!

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