How To Auto-Check the Translation Files’ Quality?

How To Auto-Check the Translation Files’ Quality?

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How to control translation files’ quality? Any company that spent a lot of time and effort on perfecting their product knows that its translation quality must simply match it.

While there’s no single rule to what constitutes a high-quality translation, there are ways that can help you control the process and correct any mistakes as soon as they appear. In today’s blog post, we present our auto-check tool that checks your translation files for quality variables.

Text United’s Translation Files Quality Auto-Check

Text United stack includes a tool that auto-checks the translation files’ quality-variables, such as structure and syntax. In short, it automatically recognizes when something is wrong with a translation file. This check happens at the very first time a file is uploaded to a translation project. When a file contains some kind of error, it will have a yellow warning icon.

The main cause for processing fails in resource files (XML, JSON, Properties) can be things such as invalid elements and encoding, which does not correspond with the official file specification. In such cases, such invalid elements have to be removed from the file.


Checking Your Translation Files’ Quality

An auto-check enables you to test if the file will be properly translated by performing a so-called pseudo-translation. First, you upload reference files to the Reference files folder. Then, when you choose the uploaded files, the auto-check will process and rewrite the text with different characters (usually with the letter X).

The pseudo-translated files after the auto-check will enable you to spot translatable and untranslatable content and embedded text. They will be also available for the translators and reviewers of the translation project, so they can remove all the elements that prevent your translation to be of perfect quality, straight away.

Go For The Highest Quality!

Do you have any questions about translation quality? Would you like to improve the quality of your translation, but you don’t know where to start? Feel free to reach out to us – we will gladly help you in facing the challenges that translation quality may pose!

In the meanwhile, check our blogs about Translation Quality Assurance Check and improving Translation Quality in an effective way.

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