Is A Translation Company Near Me Better Than The One in Dubai?

Is A Translation Company Near Me Better Than The One in Dubai?

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With the pandemic still shaping our everyday lives, we can see that the repercussions will be felt even when things return to relatively normal.

People have been shopping online even before being confined to their homes, and this trend will only increase in the future. However, returning to a more locally-oriented lifestyle changes the way we do the business as well.

How does this influence translation services, and is a translation company near you really better than the one based in Dubai or Canada?

The answer to this is a bit more complex and depends on several aspects. In this blog post, we will discuss some of them.

#1. Pricing

Pricing will play an important part in the decision-making process, especially since many companies will try to save as much as possible, given the disrupted income channels in the past couple of months.

With that in mind, the translation company near you might or might not provide the best prices, and you will probably be able to find more cost-effective solutions on the world wide web. Geographic location should not be too important in this case.

#2. Convenience

If you have legal documents you want to translate, you might feel obliged to look for a translation company near you, but with the improvements in technology, even this argument has been irrelevant for quite some time. It might become even more obvious now.

In any case, there is no reason to take a legal document to the agency in person. You can scan, or take a picture of the document, and send it to the agency.

The agency can then prepare the translation, add any neccessary certificates, and send it back electronically (if acceptable), or use express delivery to have the legal document at your doorstep by tomorrow.

#3. Privacy

There are some cases in which the agency’s geographical location might play a role. If the agency is using a modern Translation Management System, it might interest you where the servers are located. In other words, where are your files and translations being stored?

Certain companies have to follow stricter policies, and they cannot have their content stored on servers in certain geographical locations. If this is the case, this aspect might be decisive in your selection process.

#4. Support

A very pragmatic reason for choosing a translation company near you could be the support. If you want or expect the agency to provide you with support during your work hours, and the agency is located in a different time zone, this can influence your decision-making process.

However, let’s not forget that nowadays, the majority of companies providing translation services also provide support to clients, even if they are in different time-zones.

Have you ever searched for a translation company near you

And if yes, what are your experiences? Have you had to make decisions based on the above factors in the past? Perhaps you also want a way to translate content immediately, on the spot?

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