Using Video as Reference Material When Translating Subtitles


If you’ve already overcome a challenge of deciding that translating subtitles is the right solution for your video content instead of a voiceover, there comes another question: how to manage that project in the most effective way?

While .srt files have been always supported by Text United, it was not possible to preview the subtitles and their corresponding translations in the video. We are happy to announce that from now on, Text United provides the UI for video translation projects that will change your subtitle translation game.

Translating subtitles just got a whole lot easier 

First of all, Text United automatically extracts the content from the code formatting, making it ready for translation; whether you need the tool to translate movies as a translator or you have to localize your business video for international YouTube SEO.

The most important update, however, is that from now on you can translate subtitles while watching the video play as a reference, inside the editor. This means that you clearly see what you are translating, you know the context and understand what each subtitle means for the viewer. In short – you will see how the translation will appear in the video. No more worries that the line that was supposed to read I’m thy father reads I want cotton candy.

Another big update for subtitles is that the timing will be shown in the translation editor. Translators will be able to see exactly what part of the video being translated:



How to create a new Video Translation Project?

Click on the Create a project (+) button and select Video translation.


Add your subtitles and video file. The video file will serve as a reference file while translating your subtitles. You will be able to preview the translated subtitles in real time on the video while working on your project.


Supported subtitle formats are: .srt, .sub, .sbv
Supported video formats are: .mp4, .avi, .wmv, .mov, .flv


From now on, you can translate your subtitles just as any other regular translation project!

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