Why It’s a Good Idea To Translate Your Website?

Why It’s a Good Idea To Translate Your Website?

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Although it should be common knowledge in this day and age, we are more than happy to repeat the fact that localization is the foundation of any expansion efforts. Given the dynamics of online markets, it makes sense to try and reach people who might be interested in what you are offering. This is a very simplified reason for this article, so if you want to know why it’s a good idea to translate your website, just keep on reading!

#1. Now you’re speaking my language

As you might have noticed, we write a lot of articles analyzing different languages and markets. The reason for this is the fact that online users prefer content in their native language. You can see that this is backed by facts in our articles on the German, Brazilian, and Chinese markets. Users in each of these markets prefer content in their native language, and these are all very big economies.

In case you have doubts about going forward with localization of your content, this argument alone should encourage you to move forward with the idea. If you are uncertain which languages you want to tackle first, check the visitors to your website, which countries they come from, and which languages they use in their browsers. Then, you can take a look at the list of the 10 most popular languages for localization compare it to your Analytics data and make a decision that will give your business a global boost.

#2. This town ain’t big enough for both of us…

The previous point is a great introduction to your global strategy. If your competitors have not yet localized their content for the market for which you have decided to localize, then you have a great advantageYou can serve your visitors in their native language without anyone to challenge your claim to the throne.

#3. You get conversions as long as you get the visitors

Of course, one of the most positive effects of website localization is that the number of visitors to your website will increase. The level of the increase depends on the target languages into which you chose to localize your content. However, don’t forget that an increase in visits also brings an increase in profit, as more people will buy your product.

#4. You are, without a doubt, the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of…

Besides the fact that you will sell more, you will also be recognized by more people in different markets. This will increase brand awareness and brand loyalty, as you are providing people with what they need, in a language they understand. It goes without saying that bad localization will damage your brand, so make sure to do it properly. 

#5. Seek and ye shall find

Google and SEO go hand-in-hand – remember that Google takes keywords and metadata into account when ranking your website. Therefore, localizing your content along with all of these components increases your website’s ranking. You know that nobody ever bothers visiting page 2 of a Google Search, so try to make it to the first page by localizing your content properly.


If localizing your website seems like a huge challenge, you can always contact us for advice. We will find the best approach for your business and help you with all the steps. You can also make use of our free trial and test our translation management system for yourself!


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