5 Tools Your Business Needs for SEO Translation

5 Tools Your Business Needs for SEO Translation

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Translating your website should occupy the #1 spot on your to-do list if you want to expand your business and conquer international markets. However, planning for website translation is just one side of this global success coin. The other is the international SEO.

It’s never enough to simply translate your content – you need to be sure that new, global versions of your website will be properly indexed and easy to find for your new audience! To do that like a pro, you need to have a kit of essential tools that will help your business with SEO translation. Today, we have listed them for you.

#1. Google Tools

Google offers tools that will help you get started on research about your new audience in terms of keywords. The best part about it – these tools are completely free! Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner.

Google Trends will allow you to discover the most popular search terms and related search terms in a chosen locale. After a quick analysis, you will be able to establish the popularity of your chosen keywords, and understand your targeted audience and their interests.

Google Keyword Planner allows a more in-depth analysis of keywords, providing you with traffic estimation, statistics, and related keywords. The only drawback may be the fact that you have to register to Google Ads in order to use it, but if you plan to launch a marketing campaign in the future, it’s going to be an excellent introduction.

#2. Website translation tool

An advanced tool for translating websites will provide all of the necessary tools for a smooth and cost-efficient translation project, including translating and differentiating new keywords for your new audience.

Text United’s website translation tool is designed for smooth and intuitive translation of websites and the best part is that content is translated in-context on top of your website instead of in a traditional CAT Tool. Because of this, you can see which keywords are fine with just a literal translation into a target language and which ones may be completely different from their source language equivalents.

Additionally, our tool provides automatic keyword extraction as well as suggested SEO settings for the localized version of your website.

#3. Translation Management System

Any complex translation project needs the best Translation Management System (TMS) that will make the process more time- and cost-effective. Additionally, the features of TMS will be of great help when it comes to your international SEO strategy. Translation Memory reduces costs over time, and, when combined with Terminology tools, helps you create consistent translation across all of your projects, including building a company glossary for each language version of your website.

#4. Content Management System

There are many CMS providers out there, both premium and open-source. Each one is unique and offers a different set of features. It’s up to you to determine what will be best for your website. Are you building a website to present your company or an e-commerce store? These will require different solutions.

Keep in mind that your CMS should be able to support multiple languages and complete Unicode encoding for best localization results. Check out our CMS reports that might help you decide which one to choose.

#5. Plugins

Popular Content Management Systems like WordPress have a large number of additional plugins. Some of these are also tools that will make SEO and translation easier.

One such tool (available for WordPress) is Yoast SEO that will help you with keyword optimization and content insight. If you operate on a different CMS, try looking for the right SEO tools in your CMS extension store.

You definitely need to focus on those that offer guidance and correction of metadata, internal linking, headlines, and readability in every language. This may sound very demanding, but you will be surprised how many tools can come in handy for your research.

Are you ready for a global SEO revolution?

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