Text United Launches Help Center

Text United Launches Help Center

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Why we launched our translation help center? In the time of constant information overflow, we like to be effective, but not overwhelming. As the provider of translation technology solutions, we are advocates of the easy, hands-on attitude and we love the tech to be advanced and brilliant BUT easy at the same time. Why not enjoy the brilliant technology without the struggle?

Additionally, we know that managing Text United projects within all of these areas is as easy as a piece of cake! Yes, even for not-so-tech-savvy customers.

It is completely normal that some of you have questions about moving around in our system, launching the next project, or want to discuss other technicalities. However, based on your questions to our tech specialists and the recurring themes of your queries, we think that you already manage very well by yourselves!


We Have A Help Center Now

That’s why we launched a translation help center for tech-savvy and non-savvy users, where you can basically browse any translation subject you can imagine.

Why We Did It?

1. We want to help our customers in managing translation on their own to avoid costs
2. Our help center outlines various implementation possibilities for CMS, Websites, Apps, etc.
3. We’re supercharging our customer service and technical support to be in sync with the global goals of our clients
4. Help is now available in context throughout the web app and website so you can easily find relevant content


Any Subject, Really!

The Text United translation help center has guides for translation and localization of supported file formats, so if you are not sure about something, you just type in the query and it pops out straight away.

With our system, you can basically translate anything, from documents to apps and websites and while you have any doubts you just check out the Help Center for relevant information regarding your translation project. It doesn’t matter whether you handle it by yourself or your team or you use Text United’s freelance verified translators for your project.

Help Center Is Available To Anyone

Everything in our help center is organized by category, so you can check what you need on the go. To search a term is incredibly easy: If you’re not sure if a file format is supported by Text United just start typing, and the most relevant results will show at the top, just like this:

Optimizing Files For Translation

As the file format is the recurring subject in our stack, we organized the help center in a way that there are short guides and tips for each file type.

Now, you can make sure that your file is compatible with an efficient translation process. The more compatible and organized your files are – the more hassle-free and cost-efficient the translation will be. Simply be sure to check it out if you’re not sure if your file is optimized for translation. We encourage you to check our new help center out!

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