How To Create a Successful Christmas Localization Strategy?

How To Create a Successful Christmas Localization Strategy?

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Christmas is upon us, and this time of the year makes everyone rejoice. Everyone is merry and jolly (except for all the Scrooges out there, of course!).

Christmas time also means that people like to spend more. Naturally, you would like to share the holiday spirit with them, hoping that some of your products will end up under their figurative – or actual – Christmas trees.

Christmas Localization Strategy

There is one problem, however, that can keep you up at night. You want to sell more, expand, and reach a global audience, but your website is monolingual. Chances are, your website is only available in English, and this prevents a lot of potential visitors from actually spending time on your website.

Well, to make your Christmas wishes come true, you don’t have to Die Hard or hope for A Christmas Miracle. Instead, be like Kevin, and plan your Christmas localization strategy ahead.

 #1.  Decide on the target languages

Using our guide on most popular languages for localization, but also our article on hidden language gems, define which markets you actually want to coer, and start implementing your vision.

#2. Keep track of what you are translating

Translating all of your content is very important. This also means that you need to translate the meta descriptions, product descriptions, and the whole user interface.

Keeping track of this task might seem difficult, but all you need is a good Translation Management System that will not break your piggy bank. We have just the right present for you, right here.

#4. Localize, don’t translate word-for-word

It sounds trivial, but proper localization is very importantIf you don’t trust us, just ask some of the other companies who have tried and failed in localizing their brand for other markets.

Work with your localization partner on finding the right balance between your source content and message, and the target markets you are looking to enter. We can help you with our pool of 4,500 native speakers for all global languages.

 #5. Don’t forget about gifts

It wouldn’t be a proper Christmas without the gifts. As a special treat, offer your visitors a small holiday bonus in the spirit of Christmas.

We, for example, offer a discount on all our subscription plans. Contact us by 31st of December 2018, subscribe to a plan, and we will give you 12 months of subscription for the price of ten. Yes, you get two months for free! Do something similar for your website, and this will be the icing on the localization cake.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and may all your dreams come true!

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