The Successful Implementation of Text United at Stricker

The Successful Implementation of Text United at Stricker

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Stricker‘s history goes as far as to the year 1944 when Paul Stricker founded a company whose values contributed to being in permanent mutual help for their clients and resulting in constant contribution to their business. Their idea of collaboration has a strong focus on creating, developing and distributing promotional items to professionals in the same sector. Currently, Paul Stricker is present on 3 continents and in more than 70 countries. The company has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Warsaw and Sao Paulo, a Procurement Office in Shanghai and business units in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Cologne, Amsterdam, Rome and Milan.

With its headquarters in Coimbra, Portugal, they continue their global expansion with their focus on team values, client uniqueness, excellence in delivery, integrity, creativity and culture. The challenge of delivering these values to every global customer was faced with an international communication coherence issue they needed to resolve. After the research, they chose an advanced translation solution offered by Text United. Read below how they managed to solve their main issues with translation.

The Problem With Stricker‘s Translation Projects

The team of Stricker admitted that translations were always the main issue for the company. They work with customers speaking nine different languages and in all of these, there are nine different functioning idioms and slogans as a part of a localized marketing strategy.  Needless to mention, customer representatives of each of these languages don’t speak native Portuguese. That issue resulted in them translating over already translated text, just to get the message across, often creating miscommunication and general chaos in trying to deliver the project. Their presence in several countries demanded a solution which would allow them to communicate in the language of their clients.  The translation of each text was mainly handled in a standard, pre-advanced translation solution way, through the standardized exchange of Excel spreadsheets.

The Final Straw

The main issue that pushed Stricker team to search for a more advanced translation solution was a realization that first of all, the Excel spreadsheet exchange doesn’t cater to their needs. Second, they realized that they are in need of a functional database of vocabulary, idioms and slogans in each of the languages they operate in. At that time, they still didn’t use translation memory functionality and struggled with translation projects vocabulary being repeated. Stricker’s team needed a database to look for the specific translation projects they needed and a tool that would enable them to browse their past translation projects with clarity. While browsing Google search results and looking for a translation solution that would guarantee this, they stumbled upon Text United.

The Implementation Process and The Results

Every new process takes time to implement correctly. However, Stricker team underlines that despite this, the implementation of Text United was particularly smooth. We worked closely on the solution that would fit Stricker’s needs, remaining in constant touch. It turns out that we offered what the company needed since they claim that each time they needed any kind of assistance with the platform, Text United team was always fast solving the problem. They are not the first customers that noted our willingness to assist and think of the solutions outside of the box – we are always grateful to hear that!

When we asked about what really attracted them to us as a solution, they immediately mentioned the incredible focus on productivity and dedication to making the process of translation hassle-free. Stricker’s team straightforward listed the presence of Translation Memory as the database for their future projects. Taking into consideration the fact that Stricker was struggling with the language coherence of translation projects that heavily influenced their workflow, we are glad to say that the feedback from their team is overly positive.

Stricker and Text United Today

Today, the relation between Text United and Stricker keeps on thriving. Stricker keeps on overcoming various localization challenges like idioms in the marketing materials, now with stellar results. They also chose to use an advanced translation solution in all of their global projects since they have a huge impact on their daily workflow. Stricker team underlines that using Text United is, first of all, having the opportunity to reduce the waste of time of constant producing the content in various languages. They quickly add that using an advanced translation solution like Text United depends on the goals of a given company, but for them, handling a translation project in this way is now a must-have. For that realization – we are more than excited!


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