Splitting Translation Tasks Among Multiple Translators

Splitting Translation Tasks Among Multiple Translators

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Hopefully, you know that at Text United we carefully listen to the voice of our customers, who remain our biggest critics and feedback creators. That’s why we introduced new, advanced project preparation features and in the nearest future, you can expect a series of blogs discussing these features in detail and how they can benefit your translation project management. In today’s blog, we present one of them.

Splitting translation tasks among multiple translators

One of the most requested features at Text United was splitting translation files among multiple translators. While the web app was always meant to be simplistic and user-friendly translation experience, we’ve recently added advanced settings for project management while still maintaining the ease of use for beginners as well as intermediate localization experts and project managers.

The new project preparation app enables advanced features and settings to adjust your project including splitting translation tasks (files) for a project that will contain multiple translators.

 Why splitting translation tasks can be a way to go?

This solution may be incredibly useful for those who have lengthy and complex content to translate, for example, a file that has to be split into three parts and each part allocated to three different translators. Some of you may ask how will the first translator know if a sentence similar to the one that they are translating has already been already translated? 

At Text United, we try to make things easier and smarter and dividing the workload is no exception. The answer to the questions above is very simple: all translators will be updated in real-time thanks to Translation Memory shared among all of them. The first translator will know what the third translator B is doing, and vice-versa. 

How to distribute files?

Splitting translation tasks is a feature that belongs to the project preparation process. To access the project preparation, simply click on Advanced settings in the last step of creating your project.

In the Work Allocation tab, you will be able to add multiple translators to your project and distribute files between them. To do it, simply drag and drop the files between your team members.


How to split files to make the most of this feature?

It’s possible to split individual files by ratio or equally. This splitting is done by the number of words, so if you have a big file on your hands you can easily split it and distribute the workflow evenly. Our system will also automatically calculate how many words a translator can handle at a specified time.

Project managers who need to issue an invoice for the translators will be able to enter the translation and proofreading rates for the task. Invoices are always generated automatically after the project has been completed.

Do you want to try splitting translation tasks?

…or maybe you’re curious about other features that we integrated into the project preparation process? Or maybe you are just starting with advanced translation management and don’t know which features could serve you the most?

In any case, you are always welcome to reach out to us. We might be able to give you some guidance when it comes to dealing with translation and there are no strings attached!

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