Should You Have SEO Translation for Your Website?

Should You Have SEO Translation for Your Website?

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If your business is growing and you are in the middle of a planned international expansion, you will already have your website revamped and primed to attract thousands of new customers and clients. But is that what is actually happening? Maybe what you need right now is SEO translation for your website. How do you really know? What are the signs that show you should have SEO translation for your website? We have given 5 of the more important ones below for you to recognise.

#1. Changing your website sees a drop in your ranking

The reason you changed your website was because you are looking to showcase your business to a new international customer base, right? But if your hits are down, it means something is wrong and it’s not difficult to guess why this has happened. The chances are that your new website hasn’t been adjusted to the new markets you are aiming to penetrate. The keywords and phrases, let alone the whole tone and pattern of your website may just not resonate with the people you are trying to reach. This is when you need SEO translation for your website.

#2. The expansion has stretched the capabilities of you and your staff

If you have a relatively small business it’s quite likely that you, or one of your small team, have been handling the website material all on your own. But now you are embarking on a whole new ball game and you are feeling the pinch. O.K., so you are not yet at such a size that employing someone as part of your team to handle the new translation requirements and technical SEO translation makes financial sense, but it seems a clear sign that you should be using a SEO translation agency to handle your new requirements in the interim.

#3 Your business is a specialist industry

Converting from the known to the unknown can be difficult enough at the best of times, but if your business is a specialist one, say you manufacture and distribute medical equipment and medical technology; you will need a specialist technical SEO translation expert to get your marketing message out on the website you have created. Medical terminology needs to be translated by professional medical translators and then subjected to SEO treatment.

#4. Your social media strategy has reached a plateau

It’s common these days for businesses to have a social media presence. But this doesn’t necessarily translate into growing your business. That’s because your social media followers tend to follow your posts for the wrong reasons. They like your business, they like you, they like the pictures you put on or the information you post, but they are not likely to buy your products. There is a tendency for business owners to misinterpret the volume of traffic they are getting an interest in their products or services but sadly this isn’t usually the case.

If you are intending to reach a global audience, unless your posts are accessible to those who don’t speak your language, suggesting that potential customers go to your Facebook page isn’t going to be very productive. A social media presence for business is attractive because it gets you visible for free, but it is not a substitute for professional SEO translation for your website.

#5 You’ve been taking a hiding from the competition

It can be a hard world out there, especially when you are not the only business to look for new customers in all the right places. Competition can get rough, and it’s a sure sign you need a helping hand from SEO translation for your website. Managing your reputation is made just that harder when you begin your international presence for the first time. That’s when you need to hand over to a professional SEO translation agency to give your website the point of difference it needs to distance itself from competitors.

Author Bio:

Alison Williams has been involved in writing with the translation industry since 2011 and has worked with a number of translation companies. Medtrans is one of them, which focuses on medical translation. Over the past few years, she has worked with executives, entrepreneurs, industry experts and many other professionals in writing and publishing, SEO web content, blogs, newspaper articles and more.

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