How To Scale Localization Through Technology?

How To Scale Localization Through Technology?

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How to reach out to a global audience? Localize your business, that’s a simple answer, right? But often, the question is not about how to accomplish that task but what tools to use to accomplish it. That’s why only localization is not really the answer, but proper scaling localization through the technology is.

Product Information Management Solution

Where do you keep your business product information? It can be scattered throughout departments and held by employees or systems, instead of being available centrally. Your product data may be saved in various formats, or only be available in hard copy form. Everything would be ok with that, but this information may be needed for detailed product descriptions with prices. Or calculating freight costs. And you know what’s important while maintaining the business? Keeping it neat!

Product information management represents a solution for centralized, media-independent data maintenance, as well as efficient data collection, management, refinement, and output. Sounds great, isn’t it? A system like this generally needs to support multiple geographic locations, multi-lingual data, and maintenance and modification of product information within a centralized catalog.

Thanks to that, it enables efficient scaling of your product and localization teams across multiple locations. The result? Digital content in order, improved efficiency, and organization in an international company.

Localization Solutions for Product Descriptions

Now how to deal with the aspect of multi-lingual data and multiple geographic locations? Listen up! Product descriptions are usually exported from PIMs in a CSV file format. These files can be processed by CAT tools into individual segments and translated within the advanced translation software. Another question is how they could be translated and you can answer that question by classifying your product’s needs and choosing one of the three options. Thanks to this response, you can start to scale localization.


It seems obvious, as nothing beats the quality of a human translator, who can not only translate the content but also create a voice of the brand. But as product descriptions can be a rather large translation project, this is where a CAT tool comes in, utilizing Translation Memory which automatically recognizes similar sentences and repetitions. These translation memory matches will drastically impact the price of the overall translation project. Because, apart from being of great quality, human translation can be slow-paced and expensive. When you plan to really scale localization, it doesn’t seem like a perfect solution.


Continuous Translation

Machine translation such as Google Translate is generally faster, cheaper and highly scalable. On the other hand, it results in poor quality and not the most professional label for your brand. It’s easy to integrate and use, but machine translation is simply not enough for properly finished and translated products. It simply cannot automatically translate everything in the right context. If you have localization scaling in your plans, this seems to be on the opposite side of human translation.



Yes, such things exist! We basically live in the future. Advanced translation platforms have both translation memory and machine translation integrated into its system. Translators will have the option to pre-translate segments and edit them afterward. Each edited and saved segment will also be saved in translation memory and these saved segments will appear as proposals in similar or identical segments.

We believe that the combination of human expertise and machine translation technology is the best option since the translator will correct and adjust wrong translations, without the need to translate them from scratch. To sum up, it’s as cheap, fast and scalable as machine translation, and of human translation quality.


Take The Best of The Best

The combination of a Product Information Management Solution and an advanced Translation Management System will enable smooth and easy localization, which is automated, but still keeps that human touch that is necessary for product descriptions. Your product will be distributed internationally in a super-efficient way.


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