3 Ways To Drive More ROI From Localization

3 Ways To Drive More ROI From Localization

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Is it possible to drive even more ROI from localization? After all, localization is not a process with a definitive time frame – it never stops, as you just keep reaching new milestones. Today, you are localizing your website and next week you will have new products or content on your website, or you will change the layout in your software.

That’s why driving more ROI from localization might be considered doomed from the beginning. However, we think that we know 3 ways that can help you do that.

#1. Improve the content

Try to improve the content you are actually localizing, as this will save time and eliminate a lot of the potential errors, reduce review time, and improve your message in foreign markets.

If you don’t manage your content properly, you will get marketing texts with idioms and phrases which cannot really be localized into other languages or software files which do not take into account the text expansion in the UI. The better you manage the content, the less time you will spend fixing these things once the localization process starts. 

#2. Define how much do you want to spend beforehand

Sometimes it may be difficult for companies to define how much the translation process will actually cost them, making it difficult to define ROI from localization. In one of our previous articles, we have covered the formula you can use to calculate how much you will need to spend.

There is a simpler way, however. Our Online Portal offers you the option to upload almost any file and get a cost estimation which will include discounts for previously translated content. You can use these numbers to plan your localization project budgets.

#3. Save time and money

If you want to drive more ROI from localization, don’t localize content manually. If you choose such an option, you will lose a lot of time trying to export/import, copy/paste, and double-check all the content and it will drive you and all the people working on the project crazy. 

Remember that time is money after all and choose a platform that can help you automate the whole localization process by supporting different file types and providing various integrations and useful localization features. If your system doesn’t give you peace of mind, it’s time for a change.

Let us help you drive more ROI from localization

Measuring performance and planning further global conquests go hand-in-hand. To make it easier, choose a Translation Management System which can help you keep track of the current status.

If you have any questions about localization ROI, feel free to reach out to us! We will gladly talk about your needs and discuss potential options.

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