3 Reasons To Go Global

3 Reasons To Go Global

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Most often, you don’t start a company thinking about reasons to go global. You try to sell your products and services locally, and only if you are successful, you start thinking about conquering the world. While this approach is understandable,  let’s not forget that nowadays, companies can localize their content quickly and easily from the very start, so they can sell their products and services globally. Should you do the same with your business? Let’s see if these 3 reasons to go global will convince you.

#1. Money

We all know what mostly influences decisions within companies. Will localizing your content cost too much money, and will it make more money in return? This question is actually easy to answer. Localization nowadays isn’t the expensive process it used to be and this alone should be one of the reasons to go global. With cloud-based translation management systems and a myriad of integration options, plugins, and API methods, localizing your content is as economical as it could be.

Keep in mind that every research on this topic shows that people love visiting and buying from websites in their native language. Can you blame them? Imagine a native English speaker visiting a German-only website, trying to understand a SaaS product they are trying to purchase. Then, imagine the same visitor on an English website and how much easier they would find the necessary information. 

#2. Brand and customer relations 

If you are selling internationally, you want to keep a consistent marketing message and make your brand recognizable – this alone should also be a reason to go global. Given how much time you invested in creating your website, it would be silly to expect your customers to browse it using only machine translation.

Once people see that you actually invested time, and some money, to localize the content for them, they will also trust that the product and services are worth their money. This will strengthen the relationship customers have with your company and brand, making it more likely they will return to make a purchase, and that they will recommend you to others.

#3. Ease and support

This is one of the most important reasons to go globallocalizing your content today is easy! There simply isn’t an actual reason not to do it.  Think about it like that:  if your product is in any way international, there will be benefits from localizing your content into other languages.

Not only will people purchase more and stay with you longer. We’d risk saying that they will also be thrilled to get support in their native language. Now, put yourself in customers’ shoes and imagine having the FAQs localized into your language. Isn’t it a huge part of the decision to keep using this product or service?

 More and more reasons to go global

In short, localization has stopped being a privilege, especially with online content. Your website, web app, and chat should be able to support as many people as possible.

Do you want to talk about how this can be done with minimum effort? Are you concerned about the final price? Let’s have a chat and discuss all your potential questions – no strings attached!

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