Professional Translation at Text United

Professional Translation at Text United

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Nowadays, businesses have to cater to the needs of their international customers by translating websites, software, e-commerce, and even social media. How do you do that? Of course, one method is to apply the do-it-yourself approach and translate your content in-house, with the help of your multilingual colleagues.

You can also hire a professional translator for more complex translation projects. Which option is the best for you, and how exactly does professional translation work at Text United? Today, we will answer these questions.

Two options for translation projects

Customers using our free plan can still order professional translation and outsource their work to Text United. Our team of Project Managers will handle the projects from start to finish.

For subscribed users, Text United additionally unlocks a variety of features for in-house translation. These include team management, project management tools and a CAT tool for your in-house translators.

Of course, there’s no limit when it comes to outsourcing projects to our professional translators, who offer the highest quality translation.

Two types of professional translation quality

At Text United, you can choose between two approaches, providing two different levels of quality:

The first one is the full-service professional translation, providing the highest quality available. Content submitted by users is translated by a professional and skilled translator experienced in the content’s particular field (we have separate translators for different domains such as automotive, marketing, pharmaceuticals & IT)

The second one is machine translation and human review. This is a slightly lower quality translation, which also costs less. The content submitted by users is pre-translated via machine translation and reviewed by a professional translator afterwards.

How do we choose the best translator for your project?

Let’s say that you decide to outsource the translation to us. What happens next? Of course, we need to find the best translator for your business’s needs.

However, before we even choose the best translator for your project, translators must undergo a complex process in which there are multiple factors involved.

Most important among these are:

  • Past Experiences in projects and particular topics: minimum 3+ years of translation experience
  • Education: a degree in languages or translation-specialized expertise
  • Quality of translation: we check for references
  • Speed: the number of words a translator can translate per day
  • Reliability and prompt delivery: it’s extremely important to get everything wrapped up before the deadline
  • Dedication: are they flexible to work overtime if necessary? Are they willing to make additional changes if necessary?

Experience in a particular field of expertise is one of the major things we look for which will guarantee high-quality translation. Before the translators start working with Text United, they do a translation test (an example translation project) to prove their skills.

If all requirements are met, the translator is asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Statement Regarding Business Classification – this guarantees the protection of sensitive information provided by our clients.

From order to delivery

Once you order any type of professional translation at Text United, our project managers receive notifications and start working on the project.

Their workflow involves:

  • Finding an experienced translator for the selected language combination from our database of verified translators
  • Translators performing a pseudo-translation
  • Estimating DTP costs and time, if the client asks for additional DTP service
  • Reviewing the files and preparing an offer for you

Only once you accept an offer made by a project manager, can translators start to work on the project. Of course, the project manager continuously monitors the project, and is available for any additional requests for the clients.

When the translation process is complete the project manager generates a QA report to check for translation consistency and terminology use. Once the translation and final check are done, our project managers will deliver the files back to you, and you can enjoy your brand new global website, software or e-commerce!

Ordering professional translation at Text United is a piece of cake

We hope that after reading this blog post, you fully understand the process of ordering professional translation at Text United, and are a bit more familiar with the basis upon which we hire our professional translators, providing you with the best quality translation. If you want to try out our system and see the quality for yourself, don’t hesitate to register for a free trial!

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