How To Optimize Translation Workflow? Part Three


Lately, we have come to realize that apart from presenting new features and writing extensive tutorials, we should focus a bit more on the basics, since the majority of people are searching for an easy way to handle their files. That’s why we decided to publish a three-part blog series in which we present what has been a backbone of our system since we started developing it.

We focus on 5 golden rules for an optimized translation workflow:

#1. Sharing files does not have to be complicated

#2. Workflow should be flexible, adapting to your needs

#3. File types become almost irrelevant

#4. Consistency is the key

#5. Collaboration makes everything better

In Part One of our series, we discussed the subject of sharing the files in an easy way adapting the translation workflow to your needs.

In Part Two, we focused on file types and consistency. Today, we conclude the series on optimizing translation workflow by discussing why collaboration makes everything better, and which collaborative features are included in our system.

#5 Collaboration makes everything better

What happens when you notice an inconsistency, or when you want to point out to the translator that you want to use different terms within a translation? Doing things the traditional way, you’d probably have to go through all of the documentation that provides information on the translation terms and the premises of the project.

However, we think that going through your email inbox should be a thing of the past. That’s why, when you use Text United, you can use our own chat function to directly refer to individual sentences in the online editor. If you see something that you want to change while you are checking the translation live from your browser, you simply leave a comment to the translator.

comments section

The translator is immediately notified, checks the comment in the project, and makes the necessary changes without the needs for exchanging dozens of emails to clarify the context. You can also add other colleagues, and they don’t even need to download or install any software, no matter which type of project and workflow you are using.

Anybody from your team can just log in to their account in any browser, even from their mobile, and can start reviewing the translation in real time. That’s a time, money and consistency saver!

Upgrade Your Translation Workflow

With all the features and options discussed in our three-part blog, any translation project becomes an easy task. So, if you are not satisfied with your workflow you are not happy with, reach out and we can talk about your needs (no strings attached!). Remember that adapting the workflow to your needs is the most important thing for us – we will gladly think outside the box!

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