How Localization Boosts Client Retention

How Localization Boosts Client Retention

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The majority of articles about localization discusses how localization can help you win new customers. This is one of the most important aspects, especially if the company is expanding to new markets. There is one subject, however, that doesn’t get enough recognition – and it’s how localization boosts client retention. 

Customer retention in the spotlight

According to studies, even a small increase in customer retention can significantly drive profit up. Customer retention also drives profits by increasing your ability to upsell and cross-sell, which is proven to have much better results with existing clients than new acquisitions.

So, how localization boosts client retention, and, thereby, increase your profit? We will cover 4 ways you can improve customer retention and explain which role localization plays in the whole process.

#1. You offer quality content to (all!) your customers

If you offer interesting content to your existing clients, you are bound to keep them to your services or product, as they will be constantly reminded of the benefits you bring to their everyday life.

One of the best approaches is writing interesting blog articles in which your customers can learn something new. Of course, writing blogs are also a way to reach new customers, so you get two birds with one stone.

This all means little, however, if your existing customers cannot understand them since English is not their native language. Translating blogs can be difficult, as they need to keep track of the articles, which languages they are translated into, how the articles are shared with translators, and how they are finally made available to readers.

The best thing you can do is to prioritize cornerstone articles for translation and decide which languages you want to cover. Then, you can localize them yourself using our website translation feature or outsource it to us!

#2. You know that one picture is worth a thousand words  

A sub-category of the content mentioned in the previous point is video content. We are separating video content from written content, as this is a medium on the rise for the past 4-5 years, but it’s still not as widely-accepted as blog articles.

There is a simple reason for this. Creating video content is more difficult (and costly) than writing a blog article. Once the video is ready, it then needs to be transcribed and subtitled, as many viewers will not be able to enjoy the video to the fullest, if there are no subtitles in their native language.

Our system can help you by providing an option to upload videos and/or subtitles and work on them in the Online Portal, without the need to download or install additional software. Once the videos and subtitles are ready, you can share them with your existing customers, as well as with your new leads.

#3. You keep your customers in the loop

Let’s be honest; emails are thought to be an old medium and way of contacting clients. In reality, however, emails still lead in every category – customer retention, sales, and support.

The problem is not with emails being old. The way emails are used to reach out to clients is old. Emails can be used to notify clients of discounts they could unlock by achieving a certain target using your product, but such emails need to be localized for all your existing clients, as non-native speakers might not understand it properly, ruining your campaign in the process.

Whether you want to integrate your CMS via API, or whether you want to use our Outlook plugin, you have a wide range of options available within our Translation Management System. You can even use machine translation to lower the overall translation costs. Once the campaign is translated and ready, you can reach out to your existing customers, and see for yourself how localization boosts client retention.

#4. You support your customers 

What makes current customers leave is not the price, it’s the support they receive (or not!). If you don’t provide proper support and don’t go the extra mile, there is someone who will show them the love they deserve.

One of the easiest ways to provide support is to integrate chatbots into your communication channels.  But what if you cannot understand your customer properly, or, even worse, they cannot understand your efforts to resolve the issue?

Our system can also be used to translate chatbot communication via API integration with your system, enabling you to translate any new content which reaches your system. This will provide you with a simple way to handle questions easily and quickly, and your customers will be happy they can actually communicate with you.

 Let localization boost client retention!

If we convinced you that localization boosts client retention and you would like to discuss the issues companies face while handling the process, let us know. There are plenty of ways you can communicate with your current customers, and we are ready to help you do that!

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