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If GitHub is the everyman’s versioning repository, BitBucket from Atlassian must be its business counterpart. As a collaborative solution that scales, it only made sense for us to deeply integrate our Translation Management System and CAT Tools with BitBucket.

How does language versioning work?

We’ve already covered continuous integration and GIT being front and center in any respectable company’s iteration cycle. With BitBucket however we’re adding a whole new level of sophistication allowing for even higher control over pushes including multilingual content.

Essentially each time you commit new code, our system will allow BitBucket to pull translated content into the file versioned within the repository.

Manual sync-based version control

Connecting a repository involves merely an API key exchange handshake. Afterward, Text United can scan for files controlled by BitBucket and you get to choose which of them should be translated.

Automatic content filters will quickly strip away content from code and when translations are completed, put it back together as a translated copy. This content can be used however you want – download it, merge – you choose.

Manual sync will benefit you over time. It compares your most up to date content with what translations you have available and suggests whenever you’re missing a string or two in whichever language version.

You will never push to prod anything that’s untranslated

Using translated app or website Uis can be frustrating when its developers iterate at lightning speed and completely forget about maintaining multiple language versions. With Text United this becomes obsolete so be sure to sync each time you push to master!

Continuous translation is the next big thing in li0n

Being in sync with your team, smart scrums and clean code all work pretty well when versioning via BitBucket. To keep things as simple as usual, when you go multilingual, make sure to use Text United’s integration to never have to look back after you commit!

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As a marketer by trade and product designer by heart, Blazej focuses on easy inclusion of translation tech in international expansion of businesses.

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