Language Service Provider vs. Advanced Translation Platform

Language Service Provider vs. Advanced Translation Platform

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The Choice Is The Curse

There are as many types of agencies as there are translators. The options range from one-man shows through small groups of translators to huge companies. Additionally, there are in-house staff and freelancers, who are permanent and occasional.

Their workflow? Pretty much the same, the user will submit their files, ask for a quote, then wait and receive the translated content. The problem with traditional translation agencies is that they may or may not handle website translation very well. Remember that while working with them you have to send out individual HTML files and content and then place it back.

If they handle the technical aspect of putting your translated website up and running, this can easily get time-consuming and costly. So if you ask me what a traditional language service provider is, it simply equals a lot of manual work.

…Or Maybe Not Really

The consolation comes in the fact that there are advanced translation platforms, where the user gets the translation agency part, but additionally, they also get a Translation Management System as well. Like this, they can engage, monitor the progress and participate in the whole process.

A SaaS translation solution, or TaaS, if you prefer, unites website translation, Translation Management System and a translation agency in one being basically a full turn-key solution. Biggest advantage? It really does simplify translation projects that would need special care and instruction, if handled by a traditional agency.

Now, we all know that changes are good, but we somehow always procrastinate, used to what we already know. It wouldn’t be so bad if not the fact that it causes your business to lose money, time, and patience from your best workers. In life it’s called safety zone, in business, it may be called lack of reason.

The fact that we live in the future, straightforward forces us to constantly change and be up-to-date with our business solutions. The claim that you should stick to the vendor you know is a lie, and knowing that, we shamelessly ask: Why migrating from a traditional language service provider to a SaaS Translation Solution? Here are three things that you need to remember while considering doing that:

#1. It’s Really Not So Difficult

First of all, migrating you translated content is probably easier than you thought. Since you’ve already paid for the translated content you can still use it with a different translation vendor. Your translated content simply comes in the form of Translation Memory. Your translation memory which is in the .tmx format can be imported to your brand new, advanced translation platform.

#2. It Will Actually Save You Money

Any new projects that contain the same or similar sentences that are translated in your translation memory will be pre-translated in new projects as well, whether you will use the platform as an internal system for your company or simply send the translation projects to their Project Managers (or both). It means that the repository of existing translations automatically reuses content you’ve already translated, at no additional cost.

#3. It Will Eliminate Pointless Effort

Traditional language service provider often requires overseeing the translation workflow because it doesn’t have the technical expertise to automate the translation process. Most companies use a great number of industry-specific words which need to be accurately stored and used throughout different translation projects. If you own a terminology repository, these can be imported as well both in .csv and .tbx file format. Like this, the process becomes more automated.

You’ve Got It All

Remember that probably you already have created great online businesses, followed by a lot of investment in time and money. While it’s normal that you feel loyal to your current vendor, you also need to think that only businesses that can properly organize world-class localization and transcreation solutions will keep up with the world’s pace.

…And So Do We!

We are offering this full turn-key solution, so you are invited to check us out as the perfect example of the future advanced translation platform! And for those, who are still anxious about the technicalities, check out this tutorial on how easy it is to import your own Translation Memory and Terminology Repository to the Text United desktop app.

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