Text United Presents Kumul: The Ultimate Mulitlingual CX Platform

Text United Presents Kumul: The Ultimate Mulitlingual CX Platform

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We know what you may have in mind seeing this title: they’ve just announced that they are launching a separate translation service under the Text United umbrella and now this? Well, the truth is that Text United has stopped being only an advanced translation platform a while ago.

We’ve been gradually transforming into a language technology powerhouse and 2020 is the year in which you will see much more of our existing technologies developed in a form of new, innovative products – one of which we are proud to present to you right now. Ladies and gentlemen say hi to Kumul!

What is Kumul?

Kumul is a multilingual customer experience platform that allows companies to receive meaningful customer feedback as well as actionable insights, in real-time. Using Kumul, your guests can express themselves easily, comfortably and thoroughly at any point of their customer journey. The platform was developed by the Text United team and it launched on the 2nd of March of 2020.

Who should consider using Kumul?

Any enterprise where customer experience is a vital part of strategy development – hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums, theaters, retail shops, and even airports.  The main goals coming from using Kumul would be improving the whole customer journey and in return, increasing direct bookings and ROI for your business. Simply imagine that your global customers can now express their voice and facilitate your company to make better, more sustainable decisions.

How does Kumul work?

The best thing is that you don’t have to install any hardware. We provide you with a unique QR code that enables the user to send video, voice or text information, in any language. Then, we use our advanced translation AI techniques to deliver enriched data points to you, in your company’s language. As a result, you can communicate with your customers and fix issues in real-time.

We are on a mission!

It’s no coincidence that next to the Kumul icon on the blog graphic above you can see a sentence a tool to do good. Apart from being an exceptional customer experience technology, Kumul promotes sustainability and supports impactful projects around the world. Read more about Kumul’s Impact Code

Interested in the details? Don’t hesitate and click on the button below to check out Kumul’s website and find out how to step up your CX game!




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