In-House vs. Outsourcing Translation: What Should You Know?

In-House vs. Outsourcing Translation: What Should You Know?

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If you are ready to expand overseas, you need to concentrate on your localization efforts in order to offer quality content for your target markets. To do that, there are two solutions; one is to create an in-house team, and the second is to outsource your translations. But which one better fits your business? We have chosen to discuss two important factors in order to help you decide which option is better.

Translation costs

It doesn’t matter if you decide to outsource or to handle your translations internally, the translation costs are unavoidable.

The most common misconception about translation costs is that, by opting to utilize internal resources, your company saves time and money. The benefit of that approach is that that the team can be trained to your business’s specific needs and to the specific level that is demanded. However, once you start building the translation process in-house, you might realize that the costs could be higher once decide to invest in software tools and training for the in-house translators. You also need to bear in mind that, in-house translators are usually only familiar with a limited number of languages.

When it comes to outsourcing, the biggest benefit is that you can bring someone with expertise in a specific field on board for your translation project. When it comes to translation costs, it gets even better: When you choose to outsource your translation project to an advanced translation platform, you have the opportunity to use one of the best features that they offer, the Translation Memory.  Using this feature practically guarantees discounts for every subsequent project, as the content that has previously been translated will be shown as context matches or proposals.

Therefore, outsourcing translation is much more cost-effective in the long run. When it comes to factoring in expertise and trust, if you choose the right advanced translation platform, you can count on professionals and high-quality translators in different fields.

Workflow Management

Another important thing to consider when you’re deciding between internal translation and outsourcing is workflow management. A few of the positives of in-house translations are that your team will be more familiar with what your organization needs, you will have the internal communication procedure and it will be easier to handle urgent projects or respond to last-minute changes.

However, keep in mind that any complex project requires additional management and linguistic support, so the ‘all is easy’ thinking may not necessarily apply to in-house translation in relation to the workflow. In-house translators are not usually expected to manage the budgets, project timelines, translation data or any other issues that arise during the localization process. This means less money spent, but more time dedicated in the end. And since time is money… well, you can do the math.

The outsourcing translation approach deals with all of the difficulties that arise along the way. When your translation project is outsourced, you have the opportunity to work with a dedicated Project Manager who deals with all of the inconveniences and solves any workflow problems for you. When it comes to communication, advanced translation platforms encourage and facilitate collaboration between team members, so the whole progress is discussed from beginning to end.


Once you know your company’s needs, the dilemma of in-house vs. outsourcing translations can be easily solved. In general, an in-house translation approach is more suitable for simple projects with a smaller volume of work, while more complex projects requiring complicated multi-language translations are handled more easily through outsourcing.

However, this is not a golden rule. The most important thing is to think about translation costs and workflow management in the context of your business, and then decide what’s best!

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