Best Tactics Guaranteed to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Best Tactics Guaranteed to Increase Your Conversion Rate

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One way to potentially grow your business is through conversion rate optimization. You have to be good at converting your website visitors into customers. To easily achieve this goal, there needs to be a strong focus on your marketing strategy. You have to carefully decide on what techniques to use to get the desired action on your webpage. However, for startups and non-experts, this challenge can seem quite daunting. Fortunately, Text United has joined forces with Izideo to be of help. We will be giving you some of the best tactics that are guaranteed to increase your conversion rate.

‘Conversions are the lifeblood of any digital business.’

If you operate a website to market your business, you know that it will not be easy to prosper and attract the attention of (potential) consumers. Aside from the fact that there are millions of other websites circulating on the web today, many of the companies behind them also have plans to make progress. And they are making their way to the top of their industry. This leads to the fact that competitiveness in the market today is at an all-time high.

As an entrepreneur who works in digital marketing, it is crucial for you to understand that the key goal for any decent digital marketer is to convert a website visitor into an actual paying customer. Because no matter how big your visitor numbers are, if no one wants to buy what you’re selling, your business isn’t going to get anywhere. But don’t worry; there is always room for improvement when it comes to increasing conversions.

Optimizing For Conversions

To effectively increase your conversion rate, you need to constantly iterate and improve your marketing strategies. Focus on creating a better business experience for your potential customers. Dig deeper into your research. Identify the traits that will help you replicate the successes of your marketing campaigns. Stop wasting your time utilizing the wrong system that has no impact on your sales. Instead, aim to jumpstart your growth by using the right tactics to increase your conversion rate.

How To Effectively Increase Your Conversion Rate? – The 5 Best Tactics Revealed

#1. Create high-converting Landing Pages

Landing pages can be the foundation of a successful online business. They are one of the most important areas when attempting to increase your conversion rate. Your landing page is the perfect destination for your web visitors, where you can entice prospective customers into your sales funnel. However, not all landing pages are effective.

Therefore, make sure that your landing pages are compelling. They live and breathe independently of your website. So when it comes to their design, create amazing graphics that will make a positive impact on your audience. Remember to customize your landing pages to each locale that you target.  The best thing about landing pages is that you can craft a new landing page for each of your campaigns. Hence, don’t forget to direct your website visitors to learn more about your lead magnets. Eventually, this will help you convert them into subscribers.

#2. Leverage the power of video marketing

Quality animated explainer videos sell. Statistics show that 82% of today’s consumers watch videos before making their purchase decision. So if you want a sure and fast way to increase your conversion rate, videos will do it for you. These are fantastic audio-visual marketing campaign tools that easily motivate individuals to listen to what you are trying to say. With a bit of research, you will find the right way to address your chosen audience.

So if video production is not yet in your marketing arsenal, this is the right time to start taking advantage of it. Start by investing in good and high-quality videos that can easily capture anybody’s attention.

#3. Use A/B split testing

If you are still not using A/B split testing on your website, you are missing out on a great opportunity to track the progress of your business. A/B split testing will help you figure out the best online promotional and marketing strategies for your business. With this amazing software, you can also test your site layout, titles, colors, and images, to determine whether they are working effectively for your campaign.

However, to use this tool to its maximum potential, you have to familiarize yourself with it. You need to know what you need to test first. The first question should be, ‘Are you running an on-site test or an off-site test?’ There are different processes involved. Figure out the elements that you need to improve. You should run the A/B test on these first.

#4. Utilize social media

When it comes to tactics that are guaranteed to increase your conversion rate, using social media is one of the most powerful. The social media phenomenon is predicted to continue over the next few decades. And it is where people are most present in the digital world. Therefore, if you’re looking for prospective customers, make sure you have a presence on these social networking sites.

Today, social media must be one of the main staples for your business. All types of people are on social media. They are there to acquire and give information, educate and entertain. If you can present yourself as an authority on any of these social media sites, you triple chances of generating more leads, boosting brand awareness and increase your conversion rate.

#5. Share unique, high-quality contents

One of the most common problems when it comes to marketing is the use of incorrect content. Some people think that if the content is good, it is enough to gain somebody’s attention. That is wrong. When you are aiming to increase your conversion rate, you are trying to attract people who are also exposed to a myriad of great marketing campaigns from your competition.

It is therefore important to make sure that you are not just sharing good contents, but unique, high-quality content that is worth your audiences’ time and attention. It is crucial that you receive the right amount of recognition. To do that, you have to set your business apart from others. Outshine your competitors by providing people with something new, interesting, educational and fun. Spend time creating content that has value and research the best approaches to localizing it according to its type. Like video marketing, content marketing is another amazing tactic to increase your conversion rate.


Increasing your conversion rate can be incredibly challenging these days. But instead of losing your determination, narrow your focus. Be clear with your corporate goal; You will never be effective for other people if you are ineffective for yourself. Moreover, HELP is available when it comes to digital marketing.

You can get started with conversion rate optimization from a professional marketing agency, and start looking for that expert who will deliver the added bandwidth and expertise to turn your company’s brilliant insights into powerful experiments. Then, experts from an advanced translation platform like Text United can help you to reach a global audience and truly skyrocket your business.

The author of this blog, Khristine Agase, is the Content Marketing Manager for Izideo – the all-encompassing video service provider.

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