Transforming Yesterday’s Manual Translation with IBM Cloud

Transforming Yesterday’s Manual Translation with IBM Cloud

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We have dedicated all the knowledge we have to create better, faster, and cheaper translations by automating the process itself. It is not only possible but neccessary!  We also knew that the only way to do this effectively was to move to the cloud. Having examined countless vendors and solutions, IBM Global Entrepreneur Program ultimately won our hearts. But how did it all start?

From SaaS To TaaS

Years of experience and insights into the inconveniences of working with traditional translation agencies led us to question the ‘industry-specific’ and the extremely manual process of translation.

In response, we have created a software platform that companies can use to engage and work directly with translators. But when our hosting provider failed to meet key requirements for reliability, we needed to find a new cloud-based solution. Yep, you guessed it! Just like in fairytales, here IBM comes on a digital horse, wearing all white 😉

The Tech Behind

We have tested IBM’s possibilities and impressed by their responsiveness, joined their program and launched the platform in a virtual server environment. In fact, it’s thanks to these guys’ data server our translation memory feature works truly impeccably!

It holds onto all texts from its customers in a database, storing previously translated material and helping customers maintain consistency and avoid retranslating content. Everything is in the cloud, so global users such as clients, translators and project managers can collaborate directly on translation projects.

How does it work in practice? We give e-commerce proprietors for example, a JavaScript which is installed on the web server to act as a language selector. If a web page is updated or supplemented, the translation is immediately added. We pull all the translations from our server, and there you have it – a global business!

The Results

Apart from the obvious fact that you don’t have to send the translations back and forth, there are a few more things to cheer about. We reduce costs for translation service because of text adopted already from previous translations! At the same time, translators earn more, because there is no intermediary taking a commission.

More importantly, we have gained the scalable hosting environment to provide around-the-clock service for all of our customers worldwide, which means that translations that used to take days or weeks can now be done in hours.

The Change

We all know that the translation industry tends to be fairly traditional and slow. But undeniably and finally, a change is coming! And we have the advantage to it with solution built with IBM technologies!

Into The Future! 🚀

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