HTML5 Benefits For Translation

HTML5 Benefits For Translation

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HTML5, the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language is the code that describes a web page. It has been designed to deliver almost anything you’d want, from animation to apps, from music to movies. It can also be used to build incredibly complicated applications that run in your browser.

HTML4 is, on another hand, used to build static web pages. It has been mainly unchanged for a little bit more than, yikes, 10 years. Why going for HTML5 can benefit your translation plans? Let’s dive in:

To the core… quick comparison


Contains Complex doctype and Character set

Audio and video are not a part of it

Suitable only for static web pages

Needs plug-ins like Java, Flash, and Silverlight



Simplified – only one doctype <!DOCTYPE HTML>

Audio and video are embedded

More attributes and interactive elements

No need for plug-ins Still evolving


Throw useless stuff away

What makes the massive difference is that in HTML5’s audio and video (including website animations!) really don’t need any additional plug-ins (such as Java, Flash or Silverlight), for example <audio> and <video> tags are now used instead of <object>. It makes the struggle a whole lot easier!

There is simply more control over the media you consume, like changing the resolution of the video or even displaying subtitles. With HTML5 Text United can actually translate your entire website in a few clicks more easily, including even transcription and translation of your video and audio and subtitle formats like .srt, .sub or .txt.

Another pretty big feature is that with HTML5 you are able to scale your web pages and make them fully compatible with any mobile device, which previously needed special planning and adjusting.

Migrating to HTML5

Chances are that if you own a website that has been updated in the last few years and if it’s created with one of the popular CMS tools like Joomla or WordPress –it’s already based on HTML5 and any updated browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge is up to date with it. However, old versions of HTML can be easily changed to HTML5 by replacing the doctype to <!doctype html>. Also, forgot to tell you-you shouldn’t use obsolete Tags and Attributes any longer!



As a consequence of its structure, HTML5 allows enabling high quality, professional human translation without the need to rely on flawed machine translation solutions. It’s simply more scalable than older versions of HTML and as a result, your website visitors have fully translated, localized, contextualized and transcreated content they can fully comprehend and take advantage of.

The most important part is that with the HTML5 attribute <translate>, there is no need to write additional instructions and explanations regarding the translation of your content and we assure you that every professional localization vendor will know that the content within these tags is to translate. You can also flag elements that shouldn’t be translated straight into the HTML code with <translate=”no”>. and the content surrounded by this flag will stay untouched.

Plan your website translation ahead by leaving room for your after-translation- text as its length is almost always different from the original because during website translation you change the “objects” in length section.

Organize yourself!


Now, you have to know that our Website Translation Live Editor, is fully compatible with HTML5 so “objects” are not breaking the conceptual design of relative viewport distances during the translation process.

Your page layout will look like as you enter the translation directly. With this tool you can translate your own website or hire a professional translator to do so:

If your company has multilingual websites and a large number of mobile device users as well, adopting HTML5 is an extremely important step for your business. And translating your website is even more important for your company’s international expansion!

According to Forrester research that web users are more likely to purchase from a company that communicates in their own language and visitors on your website will stay longer on your site exploring the content. That is of course, just for the statistics 😉

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