Halloween Special: A translator’s nightmare


Are you ready for our little Text United Halloween Special? With our whole team we gathered to tell each other stories (some real, some not) and play a little game. In the meanwhile, we decided that we should share it with our readers!

Do you know how to play Black Stories card game? You probably know but forgot, as we all do. Don’t worry, the rules are pretty simple: You read the description of a very peculiar situation and then others try to create a theory of a scenario leading to that situation by asking you yes/no questions. They are not so easy though, but hey, we promise, it’s fun!





 Nick, a proofreader working on extremely important documentation finds himself frozen in a labirynth. What happened?


The answer: There is a story about Bert, a translator, Nick, a proofreader and Mike, an in – country reviewer, on a winter trip sponsored by their company to translate extraordinarily important document for international corporation.

The hotel in a remote place provided them top secret location and Nick suddenly realized that the scenery looks like from ‘The Shining’ movie and decided to recreate the plot. When he was chasing his collegues, wielding an axe in the air he ran into mysterious labirynth. Exhausted, wanting to catch a breath, he decided to sit down for a second and froze to death.





 Andy, a translation project manager enters a translator’s office to find Tommy lying on his desk, face down, not breathing. What happened?

The answer: Tommy knew he was late with his translation projects and that consequences are severe, yet still decided to fall asleep at his desk. The light turned off and a suddenly a shadowy, creepy figure appeared at the door. It was Andy, all dressed up for Halloween, but it wasn’t obvious to sleepy Tommy! ‘What is that creature from the underworld?’ – he wondered.

The creature started moving towards him. Tommy’s heart raced so fast that it finally gave up. He was left lying face down on his desk, as his computer screen prompted to enter more and more translations that night…




 Ebenezer the Translator was found on the street lying under a golf cart. What happened?

The answer: Ebenezer was working late on a translation project for horror movie subtitles (.srt format). As he went to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, his CAT, Behemoth, waltzed gently across his keyboard, typing in hellish words onto his translation editor.

When Ebenezer came back to his desk and found his computer screen displaying “you will die tonight”, he got so scared that he ran out from his house. Unfortunately he ran straight under a passing golf cart and met his doom!



The doors of a remote cabin are wide open, with bloody footsteps leading outwards and no inhabitants in sight! What happened? 


The answer: Vincent was a regular translation editor at the horror department for foreign books. One day he received a new book to work on, a book about a little vampire girl roaming through the cold and snowy Rodopy Bulgarian Mountains.

It was said that the local villagers could hear three knocks on their door and when they opened it, they would see a little girl, dressed in a Victorian dress, with long blond hair and eyes as blue as tanzanite. She would then enter and fed on anybody gullible enough to let her in.

On that fateful night Vincent was woken up by three knocks on his door. He rushed outside to find small, bloody footsteps leading outwards. He followed the steps and disappeared, never to complete his translation.



Have fun! And a spooky Halloween 😉 

Gosia Szaniawska
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Gosia loves copywriting and product translation. Additionally, is content marketing and lolcats junkie.

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