Get started with Continuous Translation

Get started with Continuous Translation

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Maintaining multilingual websites or apps can be easier than you think. Here’s a set of good practices to make use of when working on software that’s delivered to international audiences.

Working with resource files and database strings

A manual, non-automated way to handle translations, effective nonetheless. It’s a great way to introduce oneself to the premise of software translation. As a developer who calls for content instead of keeping it in front facing markup you probably have a dedicated file that keeps all your content in place. Simply upload it to Text United.

We automatically filter content from code, set up an estimated translation cost automatically and put the file back together without the need of shenanigans like copying UI content from your app into an Excel sheet (this is still a common practice! :().

Continuous Translation: Introducing GIT

You know, the versioning system everybody uses for controlling iterations. Oh, how I wish there was something like that for content creation…Anyway! Things start getting interesting when you can connect your GIT repositories and hook them (pun intended) with a translation system.

GitHub can be used for automated syncs with Text United. You can schedule checks of your repository’s content. If Text United finds a new string that you pushed, it will notify you that a translation is required. Using Translation Memory mechanics this will happen at no cost most of the time, but if you add bigger changes, translators are available to provide that human touch your software needs.

BitBucket is also an available integration that works well with distributed teams looking to scale their software internationally. A manual sync button provided within Text United allows to check the repository for missing translations, get them through TM or translators, push back and presto – your software has no missing international content.

Even more automation thanks to Clip-on Integrations

The world isn’t just code repositories. Think of your tech writing and marketing teams for a second. They also deserve a piece of usable tech. This is why we’re constantly coming out with integrations to apps anybody can use.

We’re in sync with SharePoint, DropBox, HubSpot, Shopify and more are to come soon. This means that your English speaking team can easily manage and execute high-velocity operations in international markets without ever having to say No Hablo Espanol!

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