About Efficient In-Country Review

About Efficient In-Country Review

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We often hear from clients that it’s not their job to worry about translations. It’s many people’s views that they pay money not to worry about these things.

This is a fair view if you treat translations as, let’s say, a piece of furniture. You order a table, and you don’t care how much effort a person has to put in, as long as you get it by the time and date agreed. The thing is, even with a table, you will be asked about the desired design, the type of wood and everything that can impact the price.

If you organize a meeting with your business partners, the catering service will also ask you which food you would like them to serve and whether you go for caviar or pizza. You also pay for all these services, yet they need your input on how to do the job in a way that will meet all your needs. Why does translation get a bad rep for asking the same questions?

The need for efficient in-country review

We think that there are two problems with this approach:

  • Translations are often handled by people who are not localization managers, so it’s not their primary task, and they have little to no training and experience
  • People handling translations do not realize that translations are very important in establishing (or destroying) a company’s image and brand in foreign markets

The solution that can definitely help to avoid this problem is the in-country review. ICR is meant to enable companies to save time and effort spent on reviewing translated content by allowing them to cooperate with the translators and reviewers, ensuring that everything is in line with the companies guidelines, wishes, and needs.

Sometimes, companies don’t react well to this workflow, but we are still convinced that it’s the right way to perform any serious localization task. There’s just one question left: how to make in-country review efficient?

As a company that integrated in-country review options deeply into our TMS, we may have some tricks up our sleeve to make efficient in-country review happen. 

#1. Choose a comprehensive TMS

Choose a TMS that will enable you to track all the work being done in real-time. In other words, you should be able to check every aspect, every word translated, live.

You should also be able to edit and change strings or communicate with the translator/reviewer on how you would like to handle specific issues. You should be able to review and update the terminology as well as share screenshots and references. Everything should be in one place, regardless of the number of people working on the projects. 

#2. Make time work in your favor

Everyone knows that time is on Mick Jagger’s side. There is, however, a neat trick to have time work in your favor and it’s as simple as do not neglect the in-country review task! If someone did ask you to do the in-country review, it will not magically go away. If you ignore it, it will just get more complicated.

Be there when the whole translation process starts. Help translators find the best terminology, which is in accordance with your company-dictionary and the marketing language you are using in your campaigns. If you invest the time at the very start, the translators will do a much better job in the long run. It’s like building a house. It’s simply much better if the foundation is done properly.

#3. Communicate clearly

If you are given a tool that enables you to simplify your life and the lives of everyone involved in the translation process, use it! The TMS you selected after reading #1 tip will help you stay in touch with translators, reviewers, and project managers, but don’t just leave one-sided comments and questions, and disappear into the night.

Translators will have follow-up questions, and project managers will try to find the best solution for more complex portions of the project. If you can, help – it will come back to you in a form of faster turnaround time.

An efficient in-country review can improve the quality of the translation with regards to the company’s ideas, plans, and needs. No two people are alike, and the same goes for companies. After all, translators can provide a translation which, without input, might work for one company, and sounds disastrous to another.

 Ready to upgrade your in-country review process?

If you want to find out more and see how this looks like in real life, reach out to us. We can talk, explain the potential benefits of in-country review, and answer your questions! We believe that, after an honest talk, you will not feel the need to leave, but in any case – there are no strings attached!


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