Integrate Digital Translation Supply Chain Into Marketing

Integrate Digital Translation Supply Chain Into Marketing

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Is there an easy way to integrate a digital translation supply chain into marketing operations? For starters, we present 3 tools that can make it much easier.

What is a digital translation supply chain?

A traditional translation supply chain starts with the translation buyer, continues with a translation agency (or an advanced translation solution) and finishes with the translators and reviewers.

Every translation field has its own traps and pitfalls, however, the adaptation of marketing materials to different locales can sometimes be very challenging.

Marketing operations peculiarities

Marketing materials are peculiar because they usually require a deep understanding of how the brand is going to be conveyed in a different language and region. The key parts in this translation supply chain will be the right team members and localization specialists, as well as translators and copywriters who will take care of the transcreation of your marketing material.

In this specific example, the translation process needs to be stripped from unnecessary formalities – it simply needs to be more direct, more connected, and faster than a traditional supply chain. Therefore, it needs to enable the data to travel across the extended enterprise.

Bearing all that info in mind we will present 3 tools that will help you integrate the digital translation supply chain into marketing operations. Let’s go!

#1. Website Translation Live Editor

When you think about it, websites are the company’s most important assets apart from the product itself. They are your digital business cards as well as product or services online presentations. Your future customers will also start exactly there – with your website.

Now, imagine that you don’t have to translate it the old-school way, without the need to spend time in a traditional CAT tool. It is possible! With the Overlay Editor, the translators can edit translation segments directly on the website itself!

When you update your website and add new content, the Overlay Editor will keep up and automatically recognize new segments for translation. Uploading files to a traditional CAT tool? No, thanks!

#2. Google Drive Integration

We will risk saying that the majority of the companies store their marketing files in a cloud. We’d also risk saying that 50% of them is very likely Google Drive.

Now if you need to translate them, you need to copy the file, upload it, and after the project is finished, download it to the cloud and overwrite the old version (or maybe save it in a newly created folder for marketing translation files…).

What if it’s possible to cut 50% of the time these activities take you? Surprise, surprise! For that specifically, we created a Google Drive integration. This makes it possible to create projects and sync back translated files directly from your translation platform. Marketing agencies – the no-hassle time is coming!

#3. Dropbox integration

Now, let’s risk again by stating that the other 50% of clouds used by companies are quite possibly Dropbox. Just as Google Drive, Dropbox integration enables you to create new localization projects with files from your cloud storage. After the project is translated, files can be saved back to the cloud from your project details page.

By using our Dropbox integration you can focus on actual work without the need for managing the project on more than one platform. Hello, simplicity!

Integrate Translation Supply Chain Into Marketing Operations

Advanced solutions provide modern translation supply chains that reduce translation cost and speed up turnaround time. If you decide to go for it, the change from a traditional supply chain to a digital supply network will be definitely an upgrade when it comes to organizing your translation projects! 

If you have any questions about our solutions mentioned above (and not only!), don’t hesitate to contact us – we will gladly help you with better resource planning and make global expansion much easier!

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