Upgrade Your Software Development Workflow

Upgrade Your Software Development Workflow

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Your software team probably does amazing work developing new products for your business or adding new features to your existing ones. However, if your business is a global one, you know how difficult it is to sync the development workflow with translation project deadlines, and to keep it in order.

A manual translation cycle can be extremely ineffective and time-consuming. The solution to that problem could be the continuous translation approach. If you want to find out how continuous translation can upgrade your software development workflow, just keep on reading!

What is continuous translation?

In the continuous translation workflow, translation begins as soon as developers add new code and extract strings to resource files.

As the code is added, source strings are extracted in an i18n (internationalization) file format, such as:

Files are automatically uploaded to the Translation Management System through API, where they are made available for translation after synchronization. Once the translation is completed, the translated string files are automatically pushed back to your GitHub or BitBucket repositories after the next automated or manual sync is triggered.

As developers continue updating their code, they also update the string files, which, in turn, adds new content to the translation platform. Code and localized content are thus kept synchronized, meaning global product launches can happen at any time, without the need to wait for the translators.

The use of a translation platform managed by localization experts also enables collaboration within the extended team. For example, the TMS allows translators to ask for context for each string (segment), or notify the developers of a typing error while allowing the project manager to upload screenshots showcasing how particular strings will be displayed in the UI.

How can continuous translation benefit your software development workflow?

#1. It’s fast!

Teams are able to synchronize product updates across languages, eliminating time-consuming manual processes and allowing for daily global launches. Continuous translation simply makes your workflow more efficient.

#2. It guarantees high-quality translation

Collaboration between developers, translators and project managers will significantly reduce the number of context-related translation errors. Since the TMS platform allows you to collaborate with your team, you can upload reference files at the project level and upload reference images for each individual translation segment.

You can be sure your translators will thank you – they won’t have massive amounts of content to translate all at once with the same deadline pressure as for regular translation projects, which contributes to improving the overall translation quality.

#3. It lowers the translation cost

Automated workflow, combined with a translation memory that will grow over time, will result in reduced translation costs. Advanced translation platforms, like Text United, provide machine translation as well. In fact, project managers may use the Machine translation + Human review option in the project creation menu.

In this approach, when strings are machine translated a professional human translator is assigned to review, edit and fine-tune the translated content. This service is up to 40% cheaper than full human translation, depending on the language combination that used.

#4. It immediately synchronizes with updates, new features and bug fixes

When you use continuous translation, all of the updates on the software development project are synchronized with your translation platform. Improvements and bug fixes are synced and translated on a regular basis. With fully integrated translation workflow, you will be able to release new updates and new content for localized versions of your app with barely any lag behind the English version.

Both your devs and translation managers will thank you for the continuous translation workflow!


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