Taking Collaboration in Translation To Another Level

Taking Collaboration in Translation To Another Level

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If you’ve followed us long enough, you’d know that we are a company believing that collaboration in translation is make or break factor in a project. This is why we put a lot of our focus on how this aspect influences our users. However, is there a way for a collaborative translation platform to become even more collaborative? We know there is, and that’s why in today’s blog we are discussing improved collaboration in translation.

Collaboration in translation – the average

This is what a workflow for high-quality translation projects usually looks like:

#1.Project manager uploads files for translation
#2. Translator enters the translations
#3. Proofreader corrects mistakes if there are any
#4. An in-country reviewer reviews the translations and approves or rejects individual translated segments, communicates with the translator and proofreader to adjust the final changes
#5. Project manager completes the project
#6. Translated files are generated

How do we make this process a lot easier using collaborative features? There need to be at least a few examples mentioned.

Collaboration in translation – the good

#1. We divide workload and files in a smart way. If you upload a big file that needs to be split into three parts, allocated to three different translators, and three different reviewers, how will the first translator know if a sentence similar to the one that they are translating has already been already translated? Which terminology did the second translator use?

The answer is pretty simple: because Translation Memory is updated in real-time and it is shared among all the translators (just like the terminology) the first translator will know what the third translator B is doing, and vice-versa. Additionally, project managers at Text United don’t have to split files and define workloads for translators, as our system will automatically calculate how many words a translator can handle in a specified time. 

#2. We (truly, really) believe in communication. One of the first features available was the ‘Leave a comment’ feature. This enables everyone working on a project to communicate within the platform itself by leaving comments on individual segments and sentences. Thanks to this, anyone can specify what the comment relates to, and it’s an important time-saving feature.

#3. We don’t limit the number of users. We have many clients with several dozen users across various countries and since our platform doesn’t charge according to the number of users, it comes as no surprise that clients also invite their colleagues to help them with translations. They can even mix our translation services with their internal review process!

Collaboration in translation – the best

We decided to keep on improving our collaboration features and make them available to any client type. That’s why it doesn’t matter whether you outsource your translation project or you do it in-house; Text United provides a transparent solution where the PM can see and interact with those involved in the project.

To be exact, a Project Manager has always insight into the project details and translation team where they can find the contact info of the translators and proofreaders and communicate directly through the platform.

Access the full translation editor for Project Managers

From now on, Project Managers can also have access to the full translation editor for the projects they created. This means that they will be able to edit any segment and leave comments for other team members.


Improved tracking of comments

We’ve also made tracking comments even easier. From now on, if the translator leaves a comment, all members of the team will be notified about it with a direct link that opens up the segment containing the comment in the translation editor.

This makes it easier to find the comment immediately and respond to it. It’s also possible to use the URL option to share with the team members a direct link to a segment in the translation editor:


You too can take collaboration in translation to another level

…and it doesn’t matter whether you have your trusted pool of translators, you want to engage your team from work or outsource the translation entirely to us. All of the collaborative features are available for the users of our system!

Do you have questions about any of the above, or maybe you have doubts about how these features can make your life easier? Either way, you can contact us directly and we will gladly chat about what can we do for you. No strings attached!

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