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We all know CMSs are not static pages, but database websites for the content model, so we decided to make a meta analysis about how the most popular CMS systems interact with other infrastructures and paradygmates of translating them. 

There are a few common touchpoints – if there is a base system working in English in default, there are certain extensions and plugins which enable the system to be translated and localized. Sometimes, it is a native solution, built in the CMS already, sometimes there are external providers of that function. 

Text United is very distinctive as we make the interfaces of the infrastructures with and without plugins! So yes, we work with both native and external solutions.

In short, our infrastructure has extraordinarily powerful technology under that enables the solutions to be even more extended.

Get knowledgeable and enjoy!

G Suite (formerly Google Apps for work)

It’s essentially the same Google Apps just altogether put in one dashboard – the Admin console convenient for businesses including tools for creating your company profile, creating users, managing login credentials, billing and analytics. There’s also Vault that is designed to archive corporate email in organisations that have to retain data for regulatory compliance.
It’s also worth noticing that there are no translation services listed in the addons except Google Translate machine translation.

Adobe Experience Manager

This system seems (!) a little bit “too much” and demanding since it is a very powerful and feature-rich tool needing a learning curve in order to understand how it works and how to use it. There is no free trial or developer version to test/try this tool and the setup seems complicated and not user-friendly.

Adobe Experience Manager is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps and forms, it is suited for enterprise-level businesses to easily author, publish, and manage websites. There are many powerful features that allow businesses to an author, publish, develop, implement workflows, manage assets, launch marketing campaigns, and integrate an e-commerce platform, all in a central location. Wow.

However, AEM is less suited for small to medium-sized businesses simply because of the cost and initial setup time. Out of the box, it isn’t very useful and will need to be heavily customized to the business’s needs. It also requires users who already have AEM experience or they will need to be trained and it’s built on Java-based technologies, so easy to learn only for someone coming from Java background.

All of this is then also integrated directly with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, so businesses can see exactly how well their apps are actually performing and integrate them with this existing marketing solutions.
AEM has integrations with third-party translation services, including Microsoft Translator pre-installed.

You can read the process of an integration here.


Similar to Squarespace and Wix, Weebly is another drag and drop simple and intuitive website editor and CMS tool.

But as easy as it is to use, it also doesn’t t offer any native multi-language capabilities as their native solution for building a multilingual website is to create a new subdomain and create duplicate pages.

They have a third party app (plugin) that helps you add pages of different languages in the same Weebly site. The app enables a language selection dialogue and to display only pages of a single language at a time. This is a paid app and the subscription starts at 2$/month.

They also have other third-party translation services in their app store at the time there are three of them (LocalizeInternet, Localizer, Bablic Translation) and all of them are premium/paid plugins.

These plugins offer a TMS within your Weebly UI and using this tools the user can either translate himself, use machine translation or hire a professional translator, and calculate cost estimate. The UI for translation is similar to our Live Editor you just click directly on a Sentence (segment), edit and save.

It’s is a very simple and elegant solution, everything here seems straightforward.

Our live editor is compatible with Weebly, too!



Wix doesn’t have any integration with translation services, they do offer a tutorial on creating multilingual websites by duplicating the pages in their editor and the user has to manually extract the content for translation and place back in.

However they do have an interface for that process, duplicating pages, creating a language menu and to add the default language.

It has a free Multiple Language App that gives you multiple language capabilities.  The app automatically redirects your visitors to the language based on their browser’s language.

They also have premade templates which support multilingual pages so the user can start planning and building their page multilingual – from scratch. Sweet!





Their UI and website building tools are really intuitive and user-friendly and I can see why the service is so popular, with somewhere between 40-50 thousand users (unofficially according to Quora). Their suggestion for multilingual sites to have the same design and content across all languages is if you’re using Regular Pages, you can duplicate these to avoid manually recreating page layouts. After duplicating each page, translate the text into text blocks and Image Block captions.

Their support for translation doesn’t include any automated process like export/import etc. The users are rather tied to the simple UI, the user has to duplicate the pages, copy and paste content and organize the process on their own by either translating on their own or manually extract their content for professional translation and then manually inserting everything back in place. They do not provide language translation services.

On their help page, they do mention an integration with a third party translation service and it’s done by inserting a script which is something similar to our Live Editor in advanced settings of your website called code injection:


The best part – all of them will work impeccably with Text United!

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