Optimizing Translation: Text United CAT Tool

Optimizing Translation: Text United CAT Tool

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Computer-assisted translation tools – which is what CAT stands for – are supposed to make translations easier, faster, and more productive. While we are totally in favor of using our excellent Live Editor to translate websites, we receive tons of questions about our CAT tool and its functions. What does it look like? What’s the UI like? Is the learning curve steep? Today, we will answer all of them!

Text United’s CAT Tool

Text United provides a free CAT tool for all of its users. The main features include:

While project management is possible in the Text United web app, we recommend our desktop app for more advanced users such as project managers.

The web version is a simplified and automated tool for creating projects and assigning translators in the project setup. We have carefully designed and fine-tuned the UI to be intuitive and straightforward for all users who want to start their localization projects.

Advanced options

More advanced users will need more advanced customization options. When using the Text United desktop app they will have complete control over the creation process of the project including advanced features for project creation:

  • Changing filters for files before kicking off the project
  • Advanced filter customization for XML
  • Replacing translators once the project has been started
  • The linking and unlinking of Translation Memories
  • Advanced work allocation – multiple translators and splitting files between them

As for translators who are using the desktop app, they will have more advanced tools at their disposal. The desktop app for translators includes tools such as concordance search, find and replace, and propagation manager for repetitions.

Overlay Editor vs. CAT Tool

While we recommend our CAT tool for advanced localization teams, there are some disadvantages that are worth mentioning. The CAT tool is a comprehensive tool when it comes to translating resource files, company documents, and publications.

Text United has developed a special tool for website projects that will simplify the process of translating websites in-context. This means that translators are able to preview the website live when translating which eliminates the need for sharing reference material!


We hope that now you know all you need about our CAT tool! Do you have more questions or are you still unsure whether to choose the Live Editor over a traditional CAT tool? Feel free to reach out to us – we are just a click away!


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