About The Benefits of Pseudo Translation

About The Benefits of Pseudo Translation

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In this blog post, we discuss one of the least talked features of our Translation Management System – the pseudo translation feature and its possible benefits for your business.

With no surprise, the pseudo translation does exactly what the name says: the system mimics a translation by replacing all certain source characters like ‘Y’ with other characters, like ‘X’. Why? This is done for several reasons, and we will briefly explain it below.

#1. Finding untranslatable text

Regardless of the file format being translated, there is often untranslatable text which is difficult to pick up by simply looking at the file. In software files, this can be hardcoded text (like buttons), while in Office files, this can be an image or a table.

It’s important to know about any potential problems in advance, and this is why we actually automatically run pseudo translation of all files added to translation projects.

#2. Checking for expansion issues

Character expansion and spacing can also be an important factor for many file types, although it’s easier to fix it in Word files than a software file. The pseudo translation helps the system to indicate where the issue is, as we have also added the option to limit text expansion to a defined value.

In other words, the pseudo translation will tell you if it’s necessary to limit expansion, and you can then actually define how much you want to limit the expansion within the translation project itself.

#3. Saving time

All of the above is actually meant to primarily save time for everyone involved in the localization process. If a hard-coded button is omitted during the translation, it’s usually not the end of the world. It will, however, increase the costs and delay the publishing of a localized app.

Using pseudo translation should be present in the workflow of every translation project manager. It’s indispensable from the workflow perspective because it shows if the files are editable or they need further preparation. Even if there are only parts of files that require more work, with the help of pseudo translation, you can find them easily and fix them before any real issue appears.

Interested in seeing how pseudo translation works live? 

The truth is, pseudo translation has saved many localization projects, and we would be glad to show you this feature and many other interesting hidden gems in online demos.

If you are interested in seeing our system in action, reach out to us. We simply love talking to people interested in localization, so there are no strings attached!

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