Be a Text United Translator: Yourself (pt. 3)

Do you have what it takes to be a pioneer in a global translation market shift? Are you fit to break out of the status quo and take part in something huge? You already took the first step by letting us find you. Oh boy, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Why personality matters?

Whatever the working context, a well-balanced mix of personal traits and understanding one-self can help in building a successful freelance career. It’s not for everybody though. Stress tolerance and the will to get better every day are essential when working with people, especially in a translation agency setting.

Getting more people to like you, both clients and your agencies reps is proven to land you a bigger paycheck. Becoming a better professional isn’t as obvious when you don’t the requests for purchase flow though.

Imagine that you can grow professionally, get politics and mingling out of the way, and focus on your work instead. Text United is all about efficiency and will provide you with an opportunity to work that way.

What qualities suggest you have a shot at success?

I’ll skip the boring self-starter cliches and get straight to the point. The key quality is genuine honesty and caring for your clients. Everything else is just white noise.

Genuine honesty is not the same as gullibility. It’s an instinct that drives you to perform the best within your own limitations. It’s the strategic, yet achievable way of planning deadlines. It’s being able to say out loud that you don’t feel fully competent to manage a certain project or will need help for it to meet the target date.

Clients understand how hard it is to consistently deliver 100% efficiency at work. They know that things change so fast, that it’s hard to set goals and meet expectations. Error margins are usually wider than anticipated, so it’s always better to under promise and over deliver. There scarcely is any blame for taking more time to complete a task, but only when this is communicated while deciding to pick up the project.

One may wonder whether an opportunistic approach could be a financially superior strategy as opposed to humble honesty. In the long run, it never is. Being unaware of one’s limitations and in turn struggling to deliver quality translations will always result in missing deadlines, which will tip off any client, that something’s going very wrong.

Caring for clients is not about babysitting their operations and pointing out logic flaws in the content they provide for translation. It’s really about making sure that their problems are solved. These span from just showing up for a conference call on time, to letting them know that they can contact you for minor fixes to their text whenever they need it. They crave for constant contact and feel insecure when they can’t reach you during business hours, even though you just tweeted something.

What if you’re just a cold professional?

Hey, how are you? is the typical American business greeting, that nobody expects to be answered. Try that on a sales call and you’ll find yourself in awkward-land. As a non-native English speaker who made that mistake I can tell you it’s no pretty place. The issue here is that you can’t just get straight to the point of doing business.

If you’re like most of people, you probably don’t care that much about strangers. That’s perfectly natural. The business world however is far from a natural setting. We wanted to make this a little bit easier for translators, so we structured Text United in a way that basically eliminates interactions and focuses on the work.

As a translator, you simply sign-in to the system and check your projects. They get assigned to you through matching based on the information you provide while signing up. This allows our project managers to know who’s best with what area of expertise, and which client would be best suited for them.

It’s a win-win since the clients can do this on their own, making Text United a place where translation ordering can happen directly between clients and translators, who may have never spoken before.

What about the human touch and finer details? Well, there are no restrictions to contacting each other. The process, however, is structured in such a way, that this isn’t a requirement in 90% of the cases.

What if your people skills are what makes you stand out?

We’re a community of translation professionals who believe there is a better way of working with clients. By the use of cloud connectivity and social networking, we’re building an online platform where the translation is not about agencies, CAT tools, and payouts. We’re looking to implement Text United at every international company in the world, allowing them to maintain their localization process’ with a click of a button, giving translators a fertile ground to work with.

If you’re outgoing, have a sense of mission and believe in what we’re trying to accomplish, we’ll help you. You can write on our blog, get reposts of your own articles, invite other translators aboard and maybe even a client or two. Our system is set up in a way that ensures you keep your clients to yourself, and we help them deliver you material for translation faster and easier than ever before.

Our translators are a great team and they are the lifeblood of the whole initiative! They have successfully recommended us to global brands and we sincerely thank them for improving our translation tech and customer service.

It’s a long way to go, but it’s worth it. Are you in? 

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As a marketer by trade and product designer by heart, Blazej focuses on easy inclusion of translation tech in international expansion of businesses.

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