Be a Text United Translator: Software (pt. 1)

Having the freedom to work anywhere and at any time is everyone’s dream. No more 9 to 5, ever! Translators working with cloud-based CAT tools are a lucky bunch. Saving the time to commute can free up space for new ideas on income growth. We interviewed a few of our own translators and here’s how they feel about the importance of quality translation software.

“Working with CAT tools in the cloud is a real help. I can work from anywhere, which in a freelance work is very useful. In particular, Text United App has a strong TM, which helps a lot and speeds the work. The translator has more time to pay attention into details and hence assure quality.” – Cecilia Armand Ugon, Text United Translator

A CAT Tool, translation marketplace, and a marketing channel in one place!

Paying for ads to promote your translation skills is never pleasant. It’s much better to affiliate yourself with a community working towards the same goal. You can advertise through adequate Twitter hashtags #xl8, join discussion boards on ProZ, or build a close relationship with Text United.

“I’m sure clients appreciate knowing who the actual translator or proofreader is, and it helps establishing new and long-term relationships.” – Rudy Haeusermann, Text United Translator
What we do differently for translators is that we hunt clients for them, and take no bite out of their compensation. By having a Text United profile, the translator gets a guarantee of new client influx. This is the dawn of a huge market change, where translators and companies join forces in the cloud.


Working with Text United is big fun. I really like the team. They make every effort to achieve excellent quality in translations. And the advantage of working in the cloud is that nothing can get lost. It´s easy to work together with others at the same time on the same project and be always up to date. – Judith Grutzbauch, Text United Translator

A community for translation professionals and international companies

Your clients always remain true to you. But now, if they need translators for different language pairs that you can service, you can find them for your client right in Text United. This will allow you to become invaluable in your clients’ eyes, and you’re not spending any money on making them happier! The idea is simple: Text United gets paid by clients to get access to you, not the other way around. As a professional translator, it just makes sense to help the community grow and attract more business!

“It is always very useful to share comments and thoughts with everyone!” Cecilia Armand Ugon, Text United Translator

A cloud-based translation tool anyone can use

With outdated software, there comes a time that it just cannot get the job done anymore. It’s slow, complicated, freezes up. What if you could move your translation memories to the cloud and work with each and every one of your clients in an integrated app? You can. Plus you can get help from experienced Project Managers, DTP services and more.

“Sometimes we translators spend a lot of time formatting, preparing, editing, which is not really our job. We have to be also Microsoft Word professionals! I agree that a great command of Office tools is required from us, but sometimes we spend more time formatting that translating. That happens usually with scanned documents and their conversion, the target document is really bad and we have to.”Cecilia Armand Ugon, Text United Translator 

Build your translation business with us now

If you need additional help on building a translation business with Text United let us know. This article is part 1 of a series of 5 outlining the ins and outs of cloud-based translation and will get you up and running in no time. And did I mention this is free? 🙂


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As a marketer by trade and product designer by heart, Blazej focuses on easy inclusion of translation tech in international expansion of businesses.

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