How Automated Translation Helps Project Managers

How Automated Translation Helps Project Managers

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During our conversations and demos with our clients and leads, we have gained a lot of insight into the specific issues clients face when localizing their content. While there is a plethora of roles within a company, a lot of the time we talk to people who are responsible for certain projects, services, or products within a company – the project and product managers.

If you are a project or product manager, and if you have been tasked with localizing your website/service/product for other markets, either for your company or for one of your clients, this article is mandatory reading, especially if you don’t have much experience with the translation industry. Today we will cover the three most important ways in which an automated translation workflow can help you.

#1. Automated translation tames the chaos

Almost all of our calls start with defining the issues the client is having with the current workflow. You would be surprised to learn that many times the workflow is just people emailing files to each other, trying to localize content using cloud services, such as Google Docs.

The thing is, the workflow described above is bound to create a lot of problems for you. Believe us – every person working on the project will be reaching out with questions. Is this the right version of the file, who is translating what, and how do we handle revisions?

The translator will be able to open the file format you sent out, but the reviewer will need to install new software. Your reviewer will accidentally remove a placeholder while reviewing the translation, making it impossible for IT to import the content back into your system.

Now, imagine not having to deal with any of these things. Imagine that you don’t have to worry about the file format, whether an email ended up in the spam folder, and how your IT is going to import the translation.

All this is possible if you let a TMS automate these steps which you need to do for every project. A proper TMS will be able to handle your files out-of-the-box, extract new content for translation based on translation memories, and send out automated notifications to translators and reviewers.

#2. With automated translation, the time is on your side

Errors are not only a nuisance causing quality issues. Errors eat up everyone’s time. And time is the one resource you will never be able to recover. Once you spend half an hour trying to convert a certain file and then find the context of the translation for a reviewer, that time is gone.

You can look back at it and say that next time you will try to avoid such a mistake, but the truth is that without finding a tool to assist you, the whole process really just depends on humans.

The thing is, localization as an optimized process, shouldn’t be creative such as painting or writing science-fiction. In localization, you should be able to easily define workflows which you can replicate for future tasks. With localization tools, people are not only buying a file converter, or team management software. They are buying time – and so should you.

#3. Automated translation helps you gain insane productivity 

If you are spending your days doing the exact same things over and over again, you are busy. If you somehow manage to do these things in a fraction of the time, you can actually focus on other important things.

With the help of the automated translation, you can stop worrying about how your IT will export/import data due to file issues. You can even start thinking about actually improving other vital aspects of your product, such as the UI.

With the right Translation Management System, you can also be certain that you will be able to replicate your previous localization success to other markets in the future. This way you can grow as a professional, and you can grow your company along the way.

In automated translation we trust!

We all know that old habits die hard, but don’t be a slave to your beliefs. You’ ve been improving professionally since your first day at work, so don’t let localization be the hill you die on fighting for your convictions.

Reach out to people who do this for a livingthis is why we are here! We will gladly talk to you, give you our advice based on the decades of work experience we have, and help you shape your workflow in accordance with your needs.

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