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Author: Elad Plotnik

machine translation NMT

Free Machine Translation Engines, the best so far

  Free Machine Translation Engines: Top of the Class AI and machine learning have advanced dramatically in the last ten years. We are witnessing them permeate all sectors and industries, including translation. Machine translation engines are not necessarily new. But…

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Advanced Translation Project Management at Text United

Translation project management can be time-consuming and overwhelming... you've probably heard that more than is necessary. The truth is, with the right tools everything can be handled in an easier way. We agree, however, that for a successful localization project,…

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right-to-left languages

Right-To-Left Languages in Localization

  As a native Hebrew speaker, I thought it would be fun to write an article about right-to-left languages. Before I jump straight into the topic, let me share with you a memory I have from living in California. I…

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Translate designs with the Figma plugin

Gone are the days where product teams design a product in one language, and only after development, they consider a multilingual version. Traditionally, this is the process. And to be honest, we understand it, since deadlines are usually short. With…

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